Total Failure of the Demonstration Against FIFA 20 in Madrid

Not even the demonstrator convener goes to the “first physical demonstration of a video game”. A total failure against the criticism of FIFA 20.

And nobody came. It was 7:00 pm on Friday, October 11th. The capital of Spain lived the last throbbing of the afternoon. One afternoon when the roar of the outraged with FIFA 20 was expected to flood the outskirts of the Cristalia business park. What actually happened was quite the opposite: there was silence.

At number 3 on Vía de los Poblados street, all the preparations were ready. “We have been given the order not to let anyone inside,” a security guard told to the media. An hour before the call, the peaceful countenance in the exteriors was a layer of what was really happening inside. As we learned, the security in the strip of the demonstration had doubled “in case something happened.” Even a van from the National Police patrolled the surrounding area.

The minutes passed and no one met at the meeting point. Not even the person in charge of the demonstration, who hired a professional animator to recite the amount of lyrics prepared for the occasion, megaphone in hand. There was no lung available to make sense of a protest that was running water before, during and after.


“The Reasons” against FIFA 20

ALFIFI (Association of FIFA Leagues with Signings) summoned at first the annoying players on October 4. Given the refusal to have the Government Delegation permit, the date would change to October 11. The reasons, as explained by the account itself through Twitter, were to create “the first physical manifestation of history against EA policies.”

In addition to the elimination of the Matchday system, the group called for “the elimination” of the “handicap”, an alleged algorithm by which a community sector claims. From Electronic Arts it has been denied by active and passive, but the players are still determined that something happens in their football simulator.

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