Madden NFL 22 What You Need To Know About Scouting In Franchise Mode

Did you know that it only takes a few minutes to place a Madden NFL 22 coins order on MUTeamgo? Madden NFL 23 Franchise mode has gone through numerous modifications. A few months, when the game was still under work, the developers promised us a new scouting feature. Scouting will become part of Franchise mode following the Title Update in October. If you are l [...]

Madden NFL 22 – Pre-Order Editions to Buy

For all the best Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) coin deals and offers, MUTeamGo has it all!   With Madden NFL 22 coming in within the next few days, here’s a peek at what you will get by pre-ordering the game early.       That time of the year is fast approaching us in 2021!   Madden NFL 22 is close to launching all around the world, and fans of the franchise are eager to get their hands on the next big NFL title too.   If you are hyped about the game and wish to unlock some exclusive rewards not available during launch, here is where pre-ordering Madden NFL 22 provides the best incentive to do so!   Madden NFL 22 is already available for Pre-Order in three (3) separate versions, each rewarding you with unique items which will not be available after its global release [...]

Madden NFL 22: the next game is official

It is undeniable that, within the wide string of sports franchises that it houses on its property, Madden NFL is one of the most relevant na [...]

Madden NFL 21: How to get Crown Tokens

Crown Tokens are a new type of currency that was introduced in Madden NFL 21 and MUT this season. They are [...]