Madden 24 Halloween Event is on the way

The calendar has turned to October, which means Madden 24 Most Feared is right around the corner. Madden 24 Season 2 and Halloween are almost here, things are about to get spooky on Ultimate Team! The annual "Most Feared" event is the first truly landmark event of the MUT season and one that players can't wait to experience. So what can fans expect from this season of The Greatest Fear? let's see. You will need [...]

Madden 24 Money Plays: Offensive plays to beat any defense

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Madden 24, and we set out to find something that could actually tip the balance in your favor. There are fewer ways to break the logic of defense in Madden 24, and while running the ball regularly is a very effective way to gain yards, you're less likely to break the primary offense. Once you've found a decent quarterback in Franchise Mode or Ultimate Team, the pass is much more flashy and reliable. Finding those that can effectively break through defenses in the MUT Championship and the Super Bowl in franchise mode can be the difference between being rewarded handsomely or failing miserably. If you want to reinforce you lineup, then you probably need to check out Madden 24 coins for sale at U7BUY.   Madden 24 money plays The plan we're going to recommend comes from the New York Jets offense playbook. This is by far our favorite Madden 24 playbook, as it's well-balanced and offers a  [...]

All New Superstar and X-Factors in Madden 23 Season 4

EA has released the eighth game update in the Madden 23 series. This patch focuses on the new Season 4, with some exciting new Superstars an [...]

Ultimate Legends: R. Lott, A. Monk, LTD M. Forte, and LTD S. Mills - Madden Ultimate Team 23

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