Madden NFL 17 Players that Declined the Most

Well the guys placed below this Madden NFL 17 article are said to have declined based on the numbers that Madden 17 has given them. Whilst this does not mean all that much, you might want to skimp on buying them or just try to sell them because these guys are getting old. Now let’s see who is close to kicking the bucket according to Madden 17.

The Players

Zach Ertz, PHI (from 87 to 84)
Jermaine Gresham, ARI (from 84 to 77)
Evan Mathis, ARI (from 88 to 78)
Mike Iupati, ARI (from 86 to 77)
Ryan Clady, NYJ (from 84 to 74)
Trai Turner, CAR (from 84 to 74)
Russell Okung, DEN (from 82 to 73)
Mike Daniels, GB (from 92 to 87)
Oliver Vernon, NYG (from 91 to 87)
Johnathan Hankins, NYG (from 81 to 76)
Paul Soliai, CAR (from 80 to 75)
Dan Williams, OAK (from 88 to 77)
Dontari Poe, KC (from 85 to 79)
Vince Wilfork, HOU (from 84 to 77)
Tamba Hali, KC (from 90 to 83)
Terrell Suggs, BAL (from 90 to 86)

But fret not, these guys from Madden 17 are still pretty much football starts… So don’t be getting any ideas now.

Final Words

Well I guess Madden NFL 17 has a harsh view on some of these guys but can you really trust a game here? These are real people with soul and spirit; their ratings in Madden NFL 17 do not really need to reflect on them in real life… This being said though, screw them when it comes to picking players, they all got old dude. Madden NFL 17 is for the young hip kids… Dawg…