Rules, Fouls & Things You Should Know About Madden 17

Is football not your thing? Do not worry; you’re not the only one who has been beaten up in his first game in Madden. This happens because we do not know the rules, faults and basic things of this sport. It is not enough just to watch a game to know the whole world, since it is extremely extensive. However, we have prepared a little guide with the things you need to know about this game Madden 17.

Basic Rules for Playing Madden NFL 17

Let’s define the rules as a stone, paper or scissors with many options, as the game can change from one moment to another by a loose ball, a foul or a surprise Touchdown.

The first thing you need to know is that you must get the ball to the area of ​​your opponent. Just crossing that line will earn you 6 points and the field goal is the one that is worth 1 point.

There is one more way to score, which is the “safety”. It is when the defending team manages to catch a player of the attacking team in the own goal or touchdown zone of the attacking team. It is the infrequent one of the annotations, it is worth 2 points and it is the unique one in which also the team that scored recovers the ball, since the kick is made by the team that attacked and suffered the “safety”.

So the values ​​look like this:

The score in normal play is worth 6 points and kick 1

The kick as 4th chance is worth 3 points

An annotation after a normal annotation is called conversion and is worth 2 points

The strategy is what will lead you to victory and of course, also avoiding faults and movements not allowed, but that will speak in the second part of this mini guide. See you next time!