Rules, Fouls & Things You Should Know About Madden 17 (Part Two)

We are back and ready to bring you the second part of the basic things you should know about Madden NFL 17. This mini guide was created thinking of those who have never played Madden, so we have synthesized it so that be easy to understand.

Today we will talk about the fouls and things you need to know before pressing the start button, so let’s get started!

Fouls in Madden NFL 17

To begin, you must know that you have only 4 opportunities to get ahead; otherwise you will have to kick the ball and wait for the opposing team to attack. So do not be surprised if your attempts are over.

Now let’s talk about the 5 basic faults

Delay: If you take too long to get the ball, you will be penalized with 5 backwards delays.

False exit: If you move your defenders before the opponent makes their move, you will be penalized with 5 yards back.

Interference: if the opponent has thrown a pass and one of his teammates is about to intercept the ball, you cannot touch the receiver. You can touch it when it is in your hands or you can even intercept the ball, but if you hit the receiver, that will result in a foul.

Hold: you can touch and push, but never hold on to the opposite if you do not have the ball. If you make this foul when you are defending, the penalty will be five yards back, but if you are offensive, this will cost you 10 yards.

Personal: In case the fury has taken possession of you and knocked down a player who did not have the ball or your entry was too hard, you will be penalized with 15 yards. It’s the strongest yardage penalty, so be careful.

These are the basics you must know to start playing Madden NFL 17; however there are still many things you need to know to become an expert. If you would like us to continue with tips, Easter eggs or glitches, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment box.