The 5 Rookies to Choose in Madden 17

Madden NFL 17 has been on sale since 23 August; since then, the ratings of the best players have been going up and down. However, we have made a list of who are the best rookies to choose your favorite and jump to the game.

5.- Laremy Tunsil – LG – Miami Dolphins – 79 rating

One of the great advantages of Tunsil is that it can play in various positions of the offensive line and it has enough strength and statistics to be effective both in the ground game and in pass protection.

4.- Joey Bosa – LE – San Diego Chargers – 79 rating

The best rookie player to pressure QB, at least in this first update. The great advantage of Bosa is that he is a complete player and can push both with force and speed movements. Bosa was one of the best prospects of the Draft and is one of the best novice players in Madden NFL 17

3.- Roberto Aguayo – K – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 79 rating

For many a “Mexican pride” (wrongly), Aguayo is a very good kicker who despite not having the strength of a Janikowski has 94 precision, so (as in real life) is almost automatic in 40 attempts Yards or less.

2.-Ronnie Stanley – LT – Baltimore Ravens – 79 rating

Stanley is the best rookie in terms of pass protection. His best quality is to have 86 in that statistic, makes him defend himself against good pass rushers. Neither is left behind to have 83 of effectiveness in block of the terrestrial game.

1.-Ezekiel Elliott – RB – Dallas Cowboys – 80 rating

The favorite to be an offensive rookie of the year. It has 92 speed, 90 acceleration and 91 agility. Behind the dominant offensive line of the Cowboys Elliott can become one of the most used RB in Madden NFL 17 (and sure their rating will go up).