What is Draft Champions?

What is Draft Champions? In case you ask yourself this, you probably like football but you have not played Madden and we are going to explain what this gameplay is all about and why it is so exciting for the fans of this sport.

The fantasy of soccer
Fantasy Football is a recreational activity in which a group of friends play with the possibilities of hypothetical football teams, a part other luck strategy, “fantasy football” requires a fairly broad knowledge of the sport.

How does it work?
The Draft Champions mode takes its name from the “drafting” or turn-based process in which players chooses players for their ideal team. In Madden the process is much faster and more efficient, because it puts at your disposal everything you need to know about your equipment.
Drafting takes place during 15 turns in which each player must first choose one of 3 coaches who will determine the style as well as the defense and attack of their playbooks. Once this is done you will be assigned a base team to which you can make changes (choose 1 of 3 options per turn) until you have the best team possible.
As soon as the draft is over, players can take their new team to the field, resulting in an experience that combines the best of fantasy football with a Madden match between friends.

Draft Mode Champions in the Madden Challenge
For normal players Draft Challenge offers the Draft Champions experience in “Solo” mode that gives you up to 3 games against artificial intelligence that increases your challenge with each victory of yours, the other modality is face-to-face against another player locally or online.

This is a small guide for you to know about Madden 17 Draft Champions. NFL players could buy Madden 17 coins from online stores which is cheap and fast. Save more time to play the game!