Madden NFL 17 Full Review

In Madden 17 kicks also received attention, but not everything was to our liking. Field goals, for example, left behind the intuitive system by gestures where you moved the right stick down and up to kick, in a mechanic that seemed to me the closest thing to striking a real ball and, instead, implemented a bar Of perceived power something obsolete and rigid, where you must press A or cross to activate a power bar and re-press the same button to assign the address.
And, on the defensive side of kicking, there is the “freedom” to block. We say “freedom” because in all our matches in Madden NFL 17 – and there were not few – we could never cover a kickoff or field goal away from the practice pavilion. The key is to guess the count, but this is a risky bet when you are in 4th and 5th, for example, and even if you do, the opponent’s special equipment will slow you down enough to prevent you from reaching the kicker in time. Obviously, review sessions are never as extensive as the ones that you will spend with the game if you buy it, so it is possible that, with more days of practice, you manage to dominate this and end up thinking something like: “No, Rodrigo, block Kicking is very easy “, but for now, it is perceived as a novelty that you really can not explode.
In the training mode or Skills Trainer are also new, new tutorials, for example Man Blitz, Zone Blitz or Gaps, all of them, concepts that you could run within the game for centuries, but that were not usually included in the menu Skills Trainer training. And in parallel, there remains Gauntlet arcade mode, whose structure with limited lives and surges seemed virtually identical to last year.
– New franchise tools add depth
– Tackle battles and hauling adjustments inject freshness into the land game
– New kick-off system makes special teams more strategic
– The option to advance franchise matches reduces monotony
– The field goal system feels stiff and aged
– Undetectable graphical enhancements
– Load screens remain a nuisance after a few hours of play
So what do you think of Madden 17 after read this review? If you are Madden 17 fan would you keep playing this game and get more Madden 17 coins for your NFL team?