Tips for Beginners of FIFA 17 (Face off and Push)

We will offer this delivery of tips for FIFA 17. Today we will focus on how to do face off your opponents and push them forward, in order to gain field. Let´s start!
Button: LT or L2 (left trigger)
How to do it?
Defending is not just a matter of sweeping and sticking your leg. In fact, it is more a placement topic. When an attacker runs parallel to you, you can hold your position and cover more space by opening the compass and facing it by pressing the left trigger of any console command. In a regular circumstance, this will suffice for the striker to think twice before continuing to run.
The key is to hold the position and just go for the ball when there is a clear chance to steal it.
In case the opposing player comes too fast to try to stop him from facing, you can accelerate and push him with the shoulder, using the same trigger. In this way, your defense will try to displace your opponent by corpulence. If you do it accurately and shoulder to shoulder, this is a very effective maneuver to win the position and, consequently, the ball.
With these simple tips and a solvent use of the wall (left bumper + pass button) as an attack resource, you will be competitive in FIFA 17, but remember that the game also changed, so practice will be the one that finishes molding your skills.
We hope this guide has helped you through your becoming a player path. Cheap FIFA 17 Coins will help you a lot with getting good players. Good luck and let the game begins!