Madden NFL 17 Tips of Defensive

When playing Madden 17, the offense is an important part of the field. However, what if we can not get the ball? That’s where the defense makes its appearance! As you can guess, we will close with a golden snap with tips to defend your area. This is done to prevent the opponent from writing a touchdown or field goal.
Let’s begin!
– Defending
To be a dominant gamer in online mode, you must know how to defend. No matter who you are playing against, a good defense is better than a thousand walls. However, you must first know how to control your players and we will tell you how.
At first, you must know that the defense is controlled by the CPU, but also the opponent’s offense. Therefore, you must focus on the player who has the ball, not the others. That way you’ll be able to plan your attack better. Of course, do not get too close to other players or end up in the grass.
In the second, if someone is on the way to your area, use a central defender to remove the ball. It does not matter if it comes from the sides, since the CPU controlled defense will make you approach the center and that’s when you must attack.
Third, do not rely so much on the tack, because if this is not effective, you will lose time and the enemy will be able to continue advancing. Our recommendation is to grab the opponent and throw him away and leave the tack for closer moments.
Have you found these tips helpful, or do you have advice you can give to others? Let us know your tactics in the comments! Buy Madden 17 Coins cheap from online store will help you save time and money to enjoy the game. Build your own team and start your journey now!