Learn All There Is to Know About the Blade and Soul Force Master Class

Force Masters are the Blade and Soul equivalent of mages or wizards. This class is a damage dealer that uses spells and has ranged fighting style. The play difficulty is rated normal with three stars out of five so Force Masters can be successfully played by those who are not familiar with the ranged combat style. When choosing the Force Master it’s important to understand that significant damage comes with a price. Force Masters deal good damage with spells and combos but they don’t stand a chance in melee combat. They must always check their location and positioning as one step in the wrong direction might have them killed on the spot. Rookie players that are more interested in the PvP aspect of the game might want to pick another class as Force Masters require a certain degree of skill, however, if players are familiar with the mage style from other MMORPGs they will learn how to successfully PvP with a Force Master in a short amount of time.

Force Masters use spells from two schools of magic: fire and ice. Fire spells are used to deal lots of damage while ice spells provide crowd control and boost defense. Two stances are associated with this class. The fire stance is a pure DPS mode that gives players access to devastating spells. Debuffs are an important class mechanic as well. The goal when playing in this stance is to apply the Burn debuff on targets to make them take more fire damage. The frost stance is better suited for crowd control and defense. Force Masters regenerate focus and gain some much needed defense in this stance. The debuff associated with this stance is Chill that prevents enemies from moving. Focus is the resource spent to cast spells. Force Masters have no trouble against a single powerful enemy or against a group of opponents. They are equipped with spells for both situations. Some spells don’t require a stance. The three Blade and Soul races that can become Force Master are Yun, Lyn and Gon. Use cheap Blade and Soul gold to play well as Force Masters.