Madden NFL 18 – Will It Be Worth It?

Just 1 month ago we could see how Madden NFL 18 will be. It was at E3 where we could see what we were expecting for this year. Although it was only a small trailer, we were more than satisfied. The trailer showed us new graphics, a gameplay more polished and a very promising history mode: Longshot.

With just 5 minutes of trailer, we were completely surprised and anxious to see more of Madden NFL 18. However, we must consider the possibility of making a pre-sale within 2 weeks, which is when the GamesCon will be held and we can see the final version of Madden NFL 18.

As we mentioned in our last article of FIFA 18, presales are a factor that damages the world of video games, in what way? In the way that developers do not deliver complete games, that is, they are full of bugs, glitches and even with previous downloadable content. An example of this is Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Mass Effect Andromeda and the infamous Watchdogs, which, on the day of its release was unplayable and even after patches and updates, the experience was not close to the promised in their trailers.

Yes, Madden has never let us down or been involved in controversy since her first appearances. In fact, we still play its version for Game Boy Advance (beautiful times); however, we have to wait a couple of weeks more to see it in action and decide whether we should buy it on the opening day or not.

For this, U7Buy will be in the GamesCon and will bring you the best news and Madden NFL 18 coins. We will bring you analysis of trailers and gameplays, as well as reviews and rumors about that game. This, in order for you to make the right decision.