Madden NFL 18 in 4K?

This week, EA Sports has confirmed that Madden NFL 18, due to be released next week, will not be able to initially offer 4K resolutions and support for HDR technology. Of course, do not be frightened, since Madden NFL 18 will have an update that will allow you to enjoy the game in its maximum splendor. Rex Dickson, creative director of the series, was in charge of making this announcement.
The creative director of Madden NFL 18 has wanted to point out that it is possible that a future patch that include these and other improvements besides those mentioned, also comments his impressions regarding the 4k that presumes Xbox One X.
Fortunately, Xbox One users who enjoy Madden NFL 18 should not worry much, and is that when I hit the market the new Xbox One X next November, hopefully it will be accompanied by this update. However, since EA Sports have not wanted to give details on this matter for the moment, so we must wait for the American company to decide on this.
The classic Electronic Arts saga, Madden NFL 18, is about to hit our stores, and Rex Dickson in an interview claims that 4K and HDR support will come later with an update.
The game will be available on Xbox One on August 25, but EA Access members will be able to try it exclusively on August 17 and if you have the G.O.A.T edition reserved, you can play it from the 22nd.
We have played 4K on the Xbox One X during E3 and we have been quite impressive the results offered by the console, the colors so bright or those sunsets that really highlight the HDR or textures in high resolution of which Makes fun.
Madden NFL 18 shows the Frostbite engine of which so many games of Electronic Arts show, in this delivery is added a new story mode as they did in FIFA 17 in this case called Longshot that will put us in the shoes of Devin Wade, a university who tries to enter the NFL Draft through the regional team. There are four days left, then players could play the game. In the meantime, cheap Madden NFL 18 coins will be online for sale to help players fully enjoy the game.