Tips for Madden NFL 17

There is a time when a gamer wants to master every gaming field. For instance, those players playing Rocket League want to try Call of Duty, and those playing LoL want to play Madden. For those gamers in particular, we have prepared some tips for Madden NFL 17, so they can start mastering this gaming jewel.

Study about American football
First of all, if you are not yet very familiar with American football, you can´t learn much about the sport here. But we have a valuable tip: check out a guide of this sport (you can find it on Wikipedia). It is super complete, with rules, positions, stadiums, teams, details of attack and defense … American football is a complicated game, and it takes a lot of attention to dominate it.

Choosing a Move
It all starts with the choice of how to play (attack or defend). You can use the recommendations of the game, which will be based on experts or what the players of the community do, or choose by training. If you do not understand too much of this, do not worry and use the recommended choices. The main thing is to understand the basics.

Basic Commands: Attack
In the attack, for example, you can pass or run. Just see the indication of the type of play. If you run, just wait for the quarterback to give the ball to whoever is going to drive it and run with it, using the right lever and R2. Use the X to stretch the hand to avoid tackles, circle to spin, square to jump or triangle to jump.

We are going to continue with more gameplay tips and latest Madden NFL 18 Coins news next week, so be sure to stay tuned.