Madden NFL 18 Review – Longshot


However; the great addition to Madden NFL 18 is Longshot, a story mode that puts us in the shoes of Devin Wade; a young man seeking an opportunity to enter the Draft and be selected by one of the NFL teams. To achieve this you must overcome a series of tests both physical and mental, put throughout the plot.

Here the game system changes completely, because rarely are you really in the field. Instead, you’ll face a series of mini-games, decision-making and Quick Time Events, more typical of a Graphic Adventure, than a sports title.

Although he manages to capture the essence of the long and complex way to be part of the league; has a small drawback: you must be an expert in the sport. If you do not know the rules, formations, plays, or have a bad memory, this mode will be especially difficult, since you need all that knowledge to have a good performance. Otherwise, you will put poor Devin in increasingly complex situations.

Likewise, this mode suffers from performance problems. Frostbite does not run properly, which results in the disappearance of elements on the screen in an untimely manner; so it will not be strange to see Devin talking to the air. Something lamentable, because the graphic engine works very well in the rest of the title delivering a spectacular work in aesthetic terms; although the public is still seen as a stamp, a recurring thing in all sports games.

With all this, Madden NFL 18 achieves a balance never before seen in such a particular franchise, since football is not a well-known sport outside of North America (United States, Canada and Mexico); with great flexibility in the ways it can be approached, whether you’re a 20-season veteran or a rookie who’s making his first pitches. It’s a shame that Longshot is so closed, because the concept is not bad and the performance dramatically adequate. If you are an American fan of the last two Patriot Championships, we would not recommend you to start here, as it will seem boring and a little complex; on the other hand, if you’re the one who saw the last Super Bowl of Montana, or at least the first Peyton Manning Conference Final win, MUT 18 Coins, rest assured that this game will please you in every way.