Runescape 2007 – Draynor Sewers Guide

Draynor Sewers is one of the Runescape 2007 dungeons. As the name suggests, the dungeon is found in the village, in the sewers to be more precise. Players that want to enter the dungeon have to reach the village so any way of traveling to Draynor is used to get to the dungeon. Fast ways to get there include the use of items such as the Amulet of Glory. There are two entrances to the sewers. The first one can be found by walking in the northwestern direction from the village. Players will eventually reach a trapdoor that is the first entrance. The second one is close to the jail. From the jail, players must walk west and they will find the second entrance. The dungeon is quite a small one. It doesn’t have many monsters and the ones that are found inside are pretty low level. The two entrances are connected by a corridor.

The main reason to step into the sewers is the Desert Treasure quest. The area that is of interest for this quest can only be entered by Runescape 2007 members as the quest is not available to play in free mode. Players that are working on this quest need to find Ruantun inside the dungeon. The layout of the dungeon is not complicated so players will find his room in no time. Ruantun’s room is closer to the village entrance. Players need to have a silver bar on them as Ruantun needs it to create a silver pot. This item which got while playing or with cheap Runescape 2007 gold will be of use to summon a creature that must be defeated for the quest. Free players can enter the dungeon as well but they will not see the quest NPC. The area where he is found has an anvil and a fire. Players can use the anvil for smithing.

Low level players, free and members, might want to use the dungeon to train. There are level 13 and 14 zombies and level 22 and 25 skeletons inside the dungeon. If you have not player this game yet, buy Runescape 2007 Account is a good and easy way to start. They drop no notable loot but make good targets for combat practice.