Watch the CS: GO Major Championship in September 2018!

CS: GO is a well-known name in the world of e-sports. Lots of tournaments of all kinds, from small local contests to international showdowns, are held all year long. E-sports fans know that the CS: GO Major Championship is one of the most prestigious tournaments. It’s officially supported by Valve but there’s more to it than official endorsement. It has a very attractive prize pool of $1 million. In 2018, the CS: GO Major Championship, or Major for short, will be hosted by FACEIT. This is an online platform for competitive games. It was released six years ago and it’s responsible for organizing some of the most important e-sports events. Some of the first FACEIT tournaments were modest events but this changed over the years. The platform is the founder of the ECS, a notable CS: GO league with prize pools of $3 million.

The 2018 CS: GO Major is the 13th event of this kind and it is the first one to be held in London. It’s not the first time when FACEIT is involved in the CS: GO Majors. Qualifying rounds were hosted by them before but now they are responsible for hosting the entire event. The first events will be regional qualifying rounds. Tournaments will follow. The biggest and most important event will be the one held in London towards the end of September. Twenty-four teams will be competing at the London event. The arena has room for 10,000 spectators to come and watch their favorite teams clashing in an epic tournament.

Tickets for the event are available to buy online. The tournament will take place from 20th to 23rd September at the SSE Arena, Wembley. The arena will be CS: GO themed. Streaming services will be available so the tournament can be watched online too. The broadcast will have all sorts of features to enhance the watchers’ experience. CS: GO items are very hot sale in game recently, same to FIFA Coins buying which is a worldwide popular game. By the way, those interested in the tournament are invited to follow FACEIT on Twitter for the latest news and announcements.