Does FIFA 18 sell more in Switch?

FIFA 18 went on sale many, but many months ago and has swept the world (especially in Spain). Week after week and month after month it remains in the number 1 of sales. In fact, he remained in his position even though there were great releases at that time, such as Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball Fighterz.

Why does this happen?

Undoubtedly, EA achieved a milestone by changing everything we knew about FIFA. In FIFA 18 everything is more realistic, some controls were changed and it became more difficult to dominate the ball (which was annoying at first). In addition, they managed to make a story mode called “The Journey”, which is a masterpiece. In particular EA managed to reinvent itself and get rid of that stigma that all versions of FIFA are a copy of previous versions … and previous … and previous.

With this in mind, how is it possible to explain that FIFA 18 has sold more on the Nintendo Switch? Since it was announced that FIFA 18 would be released on Nintendo Switch, there was an infinity of doubts, since it is known that EA is not very fanatical of Nintendo, since we all know the low quality, little attention and lack of detail that EA has offered to FIFA 18 Nintendo coins on Wii and Wii U (not worth mentioning the DS, since the story there was horrible).

However, EA offered us a good game, which, although it lacked some things belonging to the other consoles, the switch has the ability to bring FIFA 18 anywhere in the world. In transportation, on the plane, at school or at work, Cristiano and Messi can travel with us.