FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch, At 66% Discount on the eShop

FIFA 18, the latest installment of the popular sports series created by the EA Sports studio, debuted in September 2017 to offer players from various systems the opportunity to enjoy intense football matches with their favorite teams.

One of the consoles that has had this edition has been Nintendo Switch, which received a version adapted to its capabilities and thanks to which we can play ‘FIFA 18’ both in portable mode and on a television.

Is it worth buying this version?

Although the version intended for the Nintendo console has some absences from other platforms, it offers a fairly complete experience and that, for a limited time, we can get a reduced price thanks to an offer that is in the eShop of Nintendo Switch.

How long will the offer last?

From now on, until July 15 according to the eShop card, we can get FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch with a 66% discount on its original price, which reduces its value to 19.99 euros. Undoubtedly, it is a very striking offer and that every lover of football should not let go, especially if we consider that in the coming days will come an update that will add the Russian World 18 to the title of EA Sports. Of course, it will be completely free and will allow us to enjoy the whole tournament with the classified selections and other options. The offer, although it is for a limited time, will be available for a few weeks, so you can think about whether to do it with him or not.