FIFA 19 at E3

FIFA 19 was announced a day before E3 with a promotional image with Cristiano Ronaldo, to later show his first trailer game confirming the license of the Champions League. Little more we have been able to see the annual delivery of Electronic Arts, so the information we receive is in accounts. At the moment, all the improvements of FIFA 19 that have come to know thanks to the game sessions in which youtubers and influencers have participated have been compiled. Then we leave you with a list with all the improvements and changes that FIFA received in its new delivery:

The penalties in the penalties have been solved. The ball will no longer strain under the goalkeeper’s arms with such assiduity. The way to launch them has also changed
You can change the position of the goalkeeper during the launch of a foul
You can have players intercept the balls automatically or make your own manual
• You can schedule your quick tactical tasks instead of the standard 8
• LT + B for volleys
• LB + RB to kick satin, although it is not as effective as before
• New balloon control animations
• New skill movements
• Added the characteristic movement of Iniesta called “the croquette”
• New firing trigger by adding LB to the combination
• New goal celebrations
• Now you can skip your own goal celebrations to save more time
• Mark goal of fault is now more common
• All players of Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid have their faces escaped in the game
• The option of pressing the firing button twice to perfect the shot is added. An indicator will qualify it (similar to the NBA 2k shooting mechanics)
• On the minimap, our players are circles and circles
• Waiting to learn more news, this is what we know at the moment. FIFA 19 will be available on September 28 on Xbox One and a few days before for EA Access members.