Madden NFL 19 Fails to Convince with His Story ‘Longshot: Homecoming’ (Part 1 of 2)

Many love sports video games, and also good stories. I tell you the questions about what to do with the most popular games.

There is no shortage of films and series that show that the links that can be practiced in the perfect material for stories that catch the audience. The studios know, then, every year, big-budget films with sports themes on the big screen, a fact endorsed by a cast that guarantees at least one Academy Award nomination.

For its part, the main names in the world of sports video games, Madden, FIFA, NBA 2K and MLB The Show, have recently begun to explore the role of stories, with varying degrees of success. And, after having played these ads, the trends based on the stories, in Digital Trends we have reached a surprising conclusion.

A History… Without History
Longshot: Madden’s Homecoming NFL 19 was the version that made us think about the true importance of a good story in a videogame. We chose Longshot from Madden 18 as our favorite game of 2017 in the year-end summary of Digital Trends. We still love the original, but the disappointment with which we find ourselves at Homecoming of Madden 19 has forced us to think again about what we have done before.

Longshot: Homecoming continues the story of best friends Devin Wade and Colt Cruise. From the beginning it is full of improbable events, written transparently to attract the fibers of the player’s heart, but they do not achieve their goal. However, our biggest problem with Homecoming are not the strange coincidences that guide the Colt story, or the characterization of Devin Wade. Our problem is the game. It is a lot and unnecessary.