Madden 19: Tom Brady with a Higher Catch Rating Than Nick Foles

Do you remember that game between the Patriots and the Eagles? Well, let´s go back in time.
New England vs. Philadelphia. Both teams show in the course of the game a trick toy, in which their quarterbacks suddenly as a pass receiver in action. While Patriots playmaker Tom Brady drops the ball, Nick Foles grabs the safety of a wide receiver and plucks the ball out of the air for an Eagles touchdown.

Brady likes the G.O.A.T. but which signal Caller can catch better balls, should be clear to everyone after this game. Only the Madden developers at EA Sports apparently not.

Madden 19: Brady rated better than Foles

Brady gets a catch rating of 39 in the upcoming NFL simulation Madden 19, Foles only gets a rating of 32.

Ben Haumiller from EA Sports commented to ESPN on the somewhat weird ratings. The developers are not about Patriots fans, it was simply an “oversight”.

“There are so many players and so many values, and if a single rating does not really affect the overall rating and the Madden game itself, our guys simply enter a value that looks good and move on to the next,” said Haumiller.

Whether 32 or 39 in the catch rating, in Madden 19 neither Foles nor Brady should be used as a receiver. In real life it looks very different.
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By the way: Not only thanks to the catch has rating had Brady at Madden 19 a much higher overall rating than Foles. While the Eagles quarterback here comes to 80, the G.O.A.T. befitting a 99.