YouTube and Twitter in Serious Problems

Social networks, including Facebook, were again under the microscope after the extremist Brenton Tarrant attacked two mosques in New Zealand and transmitted their murders live on the Internet.

While Twitter and YouTube said they had acted immediately to remove that content from their platforms, users reported that the video was still widely available many hours after it was uploaded to the attacker’s account. The video, which shows the first-person view of the Christchurch massacre, was easily accessible during and after the attack, as was the Tarrant hate manifesto posted on the networks.

Social media it´s responsible?

Facebook, YouTube and other social networks have problems cleaning the offensive content of their platforms, which generate billions of dollars in advertising revenue. In the United States, these networks are criticized for spreading distorted political information, and Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has already had to give explanations to the US Congress.

In August, during a video game championship Madden 19 in the town of Jacksonville, Florida, there was a shooting that was captured live. And a few months earlier, Logan Paul, star on YouTube, posted the clip of a dead man hanging from a tree in Japan, prompting Google, owner of YouTube, to remove Paul’s channel from its program of preferential sites for advertising .

Moments before the presumed attacker in New Zealand opened fire, the man incited the spectators to subscribe to the popular YouTube channel called PewDiePie, site that in the past received criticism for publishing offensive images. In response, YouTube said it was working “carefully to remove any violent image”.
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“The terrible tragedy in New Zealand breaks our hearts,” YouTube said, through a tweet.