Madden NFL 20 at E3

Yes, Madden NFL 19 was our world the previous year, but not it´s time to reach something even bigger.

Video games, consoles and new services that players expect from the main video game developers at E3, the most important trade show in the industry

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the most anticipated videogame fair for players from all over the world, because at this fair the most important companies and developers in the industry reveal their upcoming titles, new consoles, platforms and services.

The E3 of 2019 will be held from June 11 to 13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California. There will be some absences and new participants in this edition, so it will not be a fair like the previous ones.
The absent this year will be Sony, owner of the PlayStation console. The Japanese company had not missed this game of video games in the 25 years of the fair. The announcement was made in November 2018, but to date he has not explained his reasons.

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Experts speculate that the firm is working on its fifth-generation console, with launch planned for 2020. However, players will miss the progress of the game in which Hideo Kojima, creator of the series “Metal” works Gear. ”

2019 will also be the first year that a streaming video service company participates in E3. The new exhibitor is Netflix, which will present its interactive content projects, for example, “Stranger Thing 3: The Game”.

The rest of the usual houses will be present. EA Play is expected new information of “Apex Legends”, “Fifa 2020”, “Battlefield V”, “Madden NFL 20”, “The Sims 4” and, the most anticipated, “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order”.