FIFA 20 – How To Get Rewards?

Did you know that you can start getting FIFA 20 rewards already? The game is not out yet but there are certain things you can do to secure some nice items for when it releases. Signing up for the EA FIFA newsletter is one of these things.

Truth be told, you should sign up anyway but now you have one more reason to do so. When you sign up for the newsletter, you get all sorts of info via email. You will be getting the latest news – make sure to follow EA Sports FIFA on Twitter for that as well – and offers about events, promotions, and so. Signing up is easy, you will have to log into your EA account and check the email preferences options. You can sign up with any email but you should use the one that’s connected with the game to get the rewards.

Once you have subscribed, you can get some prizes. You will get a base Icon player as a loan. You will be able to use this player in three games in Ultimate Team. There’s one more prize. Players will also get a rare cobalt sleeveless hoodie that they can use in the new Volta mode. You will get these prizes only once per account.

Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch legacy edition accounts are, unfortunately, not eligible for these rewards. This promotion is only for those players who are using a PC, PlayStation 4, or an Xbox One to play FIFA 20.

If you are interested in getting more rewards, don’t forget to check out Ultimate Team in FIFA 19 each Friday. Starting August 23rd, players will be getting a pack that contains Prime Icons Moments and TotS and TotY players. These players will be used as loans in weekly objectives. You will be getting a FIFA 19 pack for your efforts but also vanity items for FIFA 20. These include stadium themes, tifo, and various custom kits. The event ends on September 12th. Don’t miss it!

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Also, if you want to get more news, stay tuned!