Madden NFL 22: The Zero Chill Program Has Started

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What You Need to Know About the Madden NFL 22 Zero Chill Program


Visit U7buygames for MUT coins at the best prices! Madden NFL 22 Zero Chill is a five-part program. It starts on December 10th and lasts for five weeks until January 5th. The first installment brings famous NFL players Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson. You will obtain the Power Up version and upgrade them. The fully upgraded Manning card is the first item that has both Hot Route Master and Gunslinger. Let’s see how you can obtain the Zero Chill items. First of all, you need to get familiar with the Snowflakes. This is the event currency. Snowflakes are obtained when you complete challenges. If you decide to quick sell the Zero Chill player items, you also get Snowflakes. This currency is acquired as a login reward too. For the duration of the program, you get daily Snowflakes. Take your Snowflakes to the store and get Presents and program players in exchange. Ornaments are another feature of the Zero Chill program. You will get them when you complete missions. The ornaments are needed for sets that reward Presents and player items. Yarn collectibles are another event currency. You get them from House Rules matches. The yarn tokens are needed to upgrade Ugly Sweater player items. These cards start with 80 OVR and go all the way to 90. You have until December 25th to get as many Presents as you can. On that day, all the presents will be opened. You cannot acquire any more presents after December 25th. There are four types of presents: small, medium, large, and extra large. The bigger the gift, the better the quality of the items inside. The Zero Chill players are divided into categories. We have the two Champions: Manning and Johnson. The Hero selection contains four cards. We have the Elites team with 10 players. The Gold category has 12 items. We also have two Ugly Sweater player cards. Several sets and objectives are available.