Madden Ultimate Team 23 – Legends: LTD C. Wake, H. Moore, and R. Nitschke

Prepare for Madden NFL 23 with cheap Madden coins from A6K! This weekend, LTD Cameron Wake, Herman Moore, and Ray Nitschke will be the new Legends in Madden Ultimate 23. If you’re looking for the LTD Cameron Wake, he’s available at any time from the auction house, but can only be removed from the pack until Monday, September 19 at 10AM ET. The LTD Wake can be equipped with Dolphins, Titans or Legends Team Chemistry and has No Outsiders (1 AP), Instant Rebate (1 AP) and Speedster (0 AP) in his custom ability bucket.

When fully powered up, Moore can also equip Short Out Elite (1 AP), Mid In Elite (1 AP), or Deep Out Elite (1 AP) in his custom bucket. Moore can also equip Lions, Giants, or Legends Team Chemistry.

Our final saga of the weekend is one we’ve never seen before in Madden Ultimate Team 19. Ray Nitschke is a center linebacker and can be equipped with Packers or Legends Team Chemistry, and when powered up, Nitschke can be equipped with a Strip Specialist (1 AP), Mid Zone KO (1 AP), or a Lurker with a custom ability barrel (1 AP).

legendary player
*Custom abilities are baked into LTD Wake. Moore and Nitschke’s ability to discount only applies to each player’s Power Up items.

90 Cameron Wick | Re | Speed ​​Sprinter | Dolphin, Titan, Legend
limited edition
No Outsiders (1 AP)
Instant Rebate (1 AP)
Speeder (0 AP)
90 Herman Moore | Write | Physics | Lions, Giants, Legends
Short Circuit Elite (1 AP)
Intermediate Elite (1 AP)
Deep Elite (1 AP)
90 Ray Nichick | MLB | Pass Coverage | Packers, Legends
Stripper Specialist (1 AP)
Central District KO (1 AP)
Lurker (1 AP)

Herman Moore from the Legendary Set 90 OVR Boss is obtained by exchanging Herman Moore from the 88 OVR, any 3x 86 OVR Legends, any 4x 84 OVR Legends, and any 5x 82 OVR Legends for one Herman Moore from the 90 OVR Boss Legend and one Herman Moore from the BND 88 OVR Season Edition.
Swap any three 86 OVR Legends, any four 84 OVR Legends, and any five 82 OVR Legends for the 90 OVR Boss Ray Nitschke to acquire the 90 OVR Boss Legend Ray Nitschke and the BND 88 OVR Season Edition Ray Nitschke.

Legendary Obstacle
To access Cameron Wake’s hidden challenges, complete all 6 Moore and Nitschke challenges. To earn 82 OVR Herman Moore and 82 OVR Ray Nitschke, complete all 7 challenges.

Legendary Week 3 – 7 Challenges, 1,400 Coins, Moore and Nitschke Powerups, 7 Stars Possible