Madden Ultimate Team 23-Blitz Program LTD J. Waddle, M. Vick, N.T. Lane and more

A6K is the best place for you to enjoy all the cheapest MUT Coins PS on sale from the market, so make sure to visit the website every single day! EA has unveiled its plans for this year’s Blitz, scheduled to kick off Thursday, November 24th at 8PM ET! For the new Madden Ultimate Team Players, Blitz is MUT’s annual program that takes place over the Black Friday weekend with a variety of new player and store deals available for a limited time only. Also planned for this year are new Solo Challenges with 2 different 91 OVR bonus players to choose from, House Rules Events and limited-time Blitz Objectives.

Blitz comes with 2 alternative currencies that can be used to participate in the program. Check out how Blitz Bux and Blitz Tix work below:

Blitz Bux – This alternative currency can be used to buy Blitz players and bundles from the store. Blitz Tix Quicksells will be included with Blitz Player and Bundle purchases from the Store. Blitz Bux can be obtained through Solo Challenges, House Rules, and Blitz Packs purchased with Gold or Madden Points. MUT Tips will be awarded at program launch and every 12 hours for quick Blitz Bux sales.
Blitz Tix – This alternative currency can be used to purchase Blitz Champions or Blitz Player Fantasy Packs. Blitz Tix can be obtained by purchasing Blitz Player and Packs from the store using Blitz Bux.
Both Blitz Bux and Blitz Tix will convert to Training Points at a 1:1 ratio at the end of Blitz on November 29th.

blitz player
limited company
*The following LTDs can be found in the pack until November 29th at 10:30AM ET:

94 Jalen Waddell | Write | Dolphins
Grab-N-Go (1 AP), Deep Out Elite (1 AP), Short Out Elite (0 AP)
Slot-O-Matic (2 AP)
94 Anthony Barr | Haha Cowboys, Vikings
Lurker (1 AP), No Outsider (1 AP), Enforcer (0 AP)
Central District KO (2 AP)
88 Dane Belton | SS | Giants
Flash Sale of 1,000 Blitz Bux
Mid Zone KO (1 AP), Pick Artist (1 AP)
Deep Zone KO (1 AP)

reward players
*Complete all 25 Blitz Bash solo challenges to earn 1,100 Blitz Bux and one of two (account-bound) BND bonus players of your choice. Complete a time-limited solo challenge every 12 hours starting at midnight ET on November 25th and ending at midnight ET on November 29th to earn 1,400 Blitz Bux and one of two BND bonus players.

91 BND Breshad Perriman | Write | Buccaneers, Ravens, Browns, Jets
Flash Sale of 1,000 Blitz Bux
Short Out Elite (1 AP), External Apprentice (1 AP)
91 BND Jordan Davis | Digital Currency | Eagles
Flash Sale of 1,000 Blitz Bux
Goal Line Stuff (1 AP), Under Pressure (2 AP)

Blitz Store Schedule
Thursday, November 24: 10:30AM ET

Blitz Pack – Costs 35,000 coins or 500 points. Contains 300 Blitz Bux quicksell, 1x 81+ OVR Elite Players and 2x 78+ OVR Gold or better players. Limit 20. (Available until November 28 at 11:59PM ET)
12 Blitz Bundle – Costs 5,850 points. Contains 12 Blitz Packs and 2,250 Blitz Bux Quick Sale for a total of 5,850 Blitz Bux. Limit 4. (Available until November 28 at 11:59PM ET)
24 Blitz Bundle – Costs 12,000 points. Contains 24 Blitz Packs and a 10,000 Blitz Bux Flash Sale for a total of 17,200 Blitz Bux. Limit 2. (Available until November 28 at 11:59PM ET)
Early Bird Blitz Bundle – Contains 6x Blitz Packs and 4,000 Blitz Bux quicksell for a total of 5,800 Blitz Bux. Limit 3. (Available until November 24 at 11:59PM ET)
Which Blitz players would you like to add to your team?