Madden Ultimate Team 23 – How to Get 95 OVR MCS Derwin James Jr

Buy Madden coins at affordable prices from A6K! Madden NFL 23’s final MCS event, the Ultimate Madden Bowl, is just around the corner, and on today’s episode of GMM we got our first look at rewarding players tuned into the upcoming event. Simply link your Twitch and EA accounts to watch the stream and earn a total of 3 MCS Tokens and 95 OVR BND Derwin James Jr in Madden Ultimate Team. The Ultimate Madden Bowl will have 5 air dates, with the first airing on January 23 and the championship game on February 6.

Check out the details for the 95 OVR BND Derwin James and Ultimate Madden Bowl below:

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MCS Ultimate Kickoff (88 Jaylen Waddle)
MCS Ultimate Thanksgiving (91 Trevon Diggs)
MCS Ultimate Wild Card (93 Jonathan Taylor)
MCS player
95 BND Devon James Jr. | SS | Chargers
Pick Artist (0 AP), Enforcer (0 AP), Medium Route KO (1 AP)
Deep Out Zone KO (1 AP)

MCS set
*The Derwin James Jr set will be available closer to the Ultimate Madden Bowl broadcast.

Twitch Drop Pack – Only after you have earned MCS player rewards for all available tokens, you can redeem this pack with your remaining MCS tokens.
95 OVR BND Derwin James Jr – Exchange 3 MCS Tokens and get 95 OVR BND Derwin James Jr.
MCS Champion Pack – Exchange all 4 players earned by watching MCS broadcasts for an MCS Champion item designed by the eventual Madden Bowl champion. This set won’t be complete until after Madden Bowl.
how to watch
Where: EAMaddenNFL’s Twitch channel
Days: Jan 23 | Jan 24 | Feb 1 | Feb 2 | Feb 6
Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
how it works
Step 1: Make sure your EA and Twitch accounts are linked to receive Twitch Drops. Click here if you need help with this step.

Step 2: Tune in every day (1/23, 1/24, 2/1, 2/2, 2/6) and watch a certain amount of time on Twitch to earn 1 MCS Token. You can earn up to 1 MCS token per broadcast day (for a total of 5 tokens during the Madden Bowl).

Step 3: Redeem 3 MCS tokens in the MUT set for a 95 overall rating Derwin James Jr, and use any extra tokens on previous MCS players. If you have acquired all 4 MCS tokens, the remaining tokens can be exchanged for Twitch drops.

Step 4: All 4 MCS events of the year have a special bonus player that can be obtained in the same way. Collect all 4 players and you’ll end up with a Madden Bowl Champion Player item designed by the ultimate Madden Bowl winner!

Will you be watching this year’s Ultimate Madden Bowl game for 95 overall Derwin James Jr?