Madden 24 Money Plays: Offensive plays to beat any defense

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Madden 24, and we set out to find something that could actually tip the balance in your favor. There are fewer ways to break the logic of defense in Madden 24, and while running the ball regularly is a very effective way to gain yards, you’re less likely to break the primary offense.

Once you’ve found a decent quarterback in Franchise Mode or Ultimate Team, the pass is much more flashy and reliable. Finding those that can effectively break through defenses in the MUT Championship and the Super Bowl in franchise mode can be the difference between being rewarded handsomely or failing miserably. If you want to reinforce you lineup, then you probably need to check out Madden 24 coins for sale at U7BUY.


Madden 24 money plays

The plan we’re going to recommend comes from the New York Jets offense playbook. This is by far our favorite Madden 24 playbook, as it’s well-balanced and offers a variety of ways to attack and defend.

The scenario started with the Strong Close formation. This offset I formation below the center, has the usual advantages of a tight formation, as it offers plenty of breakthrough opportunities when passing the ball.


Strong Close Double Post

The first play we’ll be reviewing is Double Post. With a few tweaks to this play, you can beat any defense if you get it right!

The first thing this game has to do is adjust some hot routes. We want to set the TE on the drag and the FB on the wheel. The hot route combos are:

Xbox: Y, A, RS down, Y, RB, RS up

PS: Triangle, X, RS down, Triangle, R1, RS up

This can give you options for man-beating as well as zone-beaters. The wheel is excellent for moving quickly through against zone. The flat zone defender will be pulled up by WR, leaving 7-10 yards open. This works basically every time, even against insane defenses.

For man coverage, both positions work because their DB gets an internal release, and the drag is a great safety valve.

Wheel route can also be devastating to a defensive linebacker because it goes over the top very quickly.

In MUT, you have to be alert to what user defenders are doing and learn from it.

You need to try to keep the opponent in a basic 3-4/4-3 defense. For this, you can rely on HB Zone Wk and HB Off Tackle runs. These quick runs are usually good for 4-5 yards and can attack the sides of the defense and keep opponents on their toes.


Strong Close PA Scissors

In the same Strong Close formation, there are also PA scissors. This pass is great for beating overly aggressive defenses and can attack the same open deep center as the previous play.

The only route change here is to have the weakside receiver on a streak. For this, you will need the following button combo:

Xbox: Y, X, LS up

PS: Triangle, Square, LS up

Against man-to-man defenses, the post route is open every time, as streaks keep you safe and open up space. The corner route is also usually a very good option if your opponent throws their user defender into that open space.

Against zone, you’ll have open flat routes for easy missions, and corners will be wide open if they’re blocked underneath to remove that route.

Again, add the two runs we discussed earlier and keep your opponent honest.


Shotgun Trey Y-Flex Dagger

Trey Y-Flex has been a great formation in Madden for years, and Madden 24 is no exception.

In Dagger play, there is only one hot route to make, and that is keeping the back in to block. Xbox: Y, RB, RT

PS: Triangle, R1, R2

In terms of man coverage, the cross-route is truly lethal, with access to the house from anywhere on the field. The drag route is a great way to check if user defenders are trying to take it away. Against zone, this is an intermediate reading. The crosser can still get open but will be a bit later. Again, if the defender is open in midfield to take it away, a deep route behind it would be a good option. If they continue to partition in this case, you can give yourself another option by setting the RB to option routing instead of blocking. Running inside keeps the defense honest too!

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