NFL 23 - Latavius Murray is the New 'Weekly Wildcards: Veteran'

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Madden Ultimate Team 23 - How to Get 95 OVR MCS Derwin James Jr

Buy Madden coins at affordable prices from A6K! Madden NFL 23's final MCS event, the Ultimate Madden Bowl, is just around the corner, and on today's episode of GMM we got our first look at rewarding players tuned into the upcoming event. Simply link your Twitch and EA accounts to watch the stream and earn a total of 3 MCS Tokens and 95 OVR BND Derwin James Jr in Madden Ultimate Team. The Ultimate Madden Bowl will have 5 air dates, with the first airing on January 23 and the championship game on February 6. Check out the details for the 95 OVR BND Derwin James and Ultimate Madden Bowl below: For articles on the first three MCS events at MUT 23, click below: MCS Ultimate Kickoff (88 Jaylen Waddle) MCS Ultimate Thanksgiving (91 Trevon Diggs) MCS Ultimate Wild Card (93 Jonathan Taylor) MCS player 95 BND Devon James Jr. | SS | Chargers Pick Artist (0 AP), Enforcer (0 AP), Medium Route KO (1 AP) Deep Out Zone KO (1 AP) MCS set *The Derwin James Jr set will be available clos [...]

Madden Ultimate Team 23-Zero Chill Part 3 LTD SS Bo Jackson, D. Ward, C. Lamb and more

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Madden Ultimate Team 23-Blitz Program LTD J. Waddle, M. Vick, N.T. Lane and more

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