Madden NFL 18 in 4K?

This week, EA Sports has confirmed that Madden NFL 18, due to be released next week, will not be able to initially offer 4K resolutions and support for HDR technology. Of course, do not be frightened, since Madden NFL 18 will have an update that will allow you to enjoy the game in its maximum splendor. Rex Dickson, creative director of the series, was in charge of making this announcement. The creative director of M [...]

Dynamic Climate in Madden NFL 18

From EA Sports already anticipated that this week was going to be special for lovers of football, where they advanced the presentation of the first gameplays of Madden NFL 18. The new sports game will make use of the powerful Frostbite of Electronic Arts, where there was much curiosity for Know how it would look. No more waiting, given that they have been made public two gameplays that give account of the power of the graphic engine, using for that, the climatology as a highlight. Two gameplays that show two different situations, such as rain and snow, in each match of Madden NFL 18. The reality is that Madden NFL 18 has always been a game highlighted by the high quality of its technical section. It does not seem too surprising the nuance of having shown a first gameplay with rain, however, it must be recognized that the work done by EA Sports is still fantastic, and meritorious given the change of graphics engine. Now it is the turn of the snow, which offers a similar vision, but where you can see some really interesting detail [...]

Why Madden NFL 18 Will Be the Best in the Series?

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us in this second part of our analysis of why Madden NFL 18 will be the best of the series. In the last o [...]

Madden NFL 18 - Will It Be Worth It?

Just 1 month ago we could see how Madden NFL 18 will be. It was at E3 where we could see what we were expecting for this year. Although it w [...]