YouTube and Twitter in Serious Problems

Social networks, including Facebook, were again under the microscope after the extremist Brenton Tarrant attacked two mosques in New Zealand and transmitted their murders live on the Internet. While Twitter and YouTube said they had acted immediately to remove that content from their platforms, users reported that the video was still widely available many hours after it was uploaded to the attacker's account. The  [...]

As Anticipated, Madden NFL 19 Arrives at EA Access

Given the excitement surrounding the games that will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in February, the Electronic Arts service, EA Access, adds a new game to The Vault. EA Access allows its subscribers to access a very interesting catalog of Electronic Arts games for free, The Vault, which is joined by the latest football simulator, Madden NFL 19. Just in these days where the Super Bowl is the protagonist, the inclusion of Madden NFL 19 to The Vault is a very interesting play. If we look at the information offered on EA Access's official website, we see that Madden NFL19 has been added to The Vault games. With this, a game of the category of the football simulator is added to a catalog that continues to grow progressively. In recent weeks, the Electronic Arts subscription service, EA Access, has been adding some games like Unravel Two or Star Wars: Battlefront II to its catalog of The Vault. We will have to wait for the Electronic Arts games not included to arrive, such as FIFA 19 or Battlefield V. If you are interested in the EA Acc [...]

Madden NFL 19 Predicts the Super Bowl Result Between Patriots and Rams

It is already a tradition that in Electronic Arts simulate the Superbowl in the corresponding edition of Madden, and it could not be otherwi [...]

What You Need to Know About FIFA 19 FUT Web App

If you are a FIFA 19 player who spends a lot of time playing Ultimate Team, then you can use the FUT Web App to manage your UT and Continue