EA Announces A Multi-year eSports Deal With NFL, ESPN and Disney

The last week we informed you guys about the agreement between EA and Disney to stream the eSports matches related to Madden NFL 18. But now we have learned that this will be in fact happening and not also Disney will have the rights to stream the matches, but also ESPN. Electronic Arts has announced major plans for its Madden NFL 18 game, closing a multi-year deal with the National Football League, Continue

The Madden NFL 18 Commercial Is Here

For a couple of months, there has been a constant intention on the part of both Microsoft and Electronic Arts to show the firmness of their relationship through Madden NFL 18 and Xbox One X. In this regard, they detailed the improvements offered by the powerful console for the sports title, information that was followed by a commercial in which the game "is best played on Xbox One X" and, now, by another similar publication. Xbox One X is the perfect claim to promote games. Microsoft continues its campaign to publicize the power of its beast and it does it together with Madden NFL 18 Coins of Electronic Arts, for that reason we can already enjoy a new announcement related to the brand. The North American brand makes the most of the promotion in its country with great figures of the sport and the result is not bad. Once again we can see in action the Oakland Raiders and one of their stars, Marshawn Lynch as she speaks with her hand. This time, after a joke ab [...]

Madden NFL 18 is Art

Electronic Arts Inc. released Madden NFL 18, giving fans the deepest experience of Madden NFL 18 than any other edition in the history of th [...]

Who Are the Best Qualified Players in the "Madden NFL 18"?

Do not worry, we have them covered with the best qualified players in each position of the game. You can also see who are the best qualified [...]