Madden Ultimate Team 23-Blitz Program LTD J. Waddle, M. Vick, N.T. Lane and more

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Madden Ultimate 23 - Legend: LTD K. Jackson, J. Saturday & C. Matthews

Head over to A6K for Madden 23 coins and the best deals! If you're a Packers fan, today is your lucky day as all 3 new 93 OVR legends play for the Packers today and can get their team chemistry at MUT. Tight end Keith Jackson is the LTD of the week, and along with the Packers, Keith also plays for the Dolphins and Hawks. Like most LTDs, Keith Jackson has a quick sale of 350,000 coins and can be found in packs within 48 hours until Monday, November 7 at 10AM ET. The iconic Colts center Jeff Saturday and veteran Packers right tackle Clay Matthews, whose son we previously met earlier this year as a Legends LTD, are the Legends available for finishing sets this week. Clay Matthews can also equip Rams Team Chem. Check out the ratings and customization abilities of the new Legend below: legendary player *Custom abilities are baked into the LTD Jackson. Saturday and Matthews' discounted power only applies to each player's Power Up item. 93 Keith Jackson | TE | Vertical Threat | Dolph [...]

Madden Ultimate Team 23-Legends LTD A. Vinatieri, D. Culpepper, and A. Williams

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Madden Ultimate Team 23 - Gridiron Guardians 2: LTD D.K. Metcalf, N. Bosa

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