Madden NFL 18 Tricks - Best Players and Passes

Winning in American football is not easy, especially if you're not used to your rules and you do not take into account the multitude of technical, physical and positional aspects that are needed to sign up for the marker itself. Today we will review all to win. We will comment on the best receivers, we will help you to make a good pass and we will tell you some Madden NFL 18 tricks that you may not know, but we as [...]

Madden 18 Now Available

Electronic Arts released the release of Madden NFL 18, which uses the Frosbite game engine, features Longshot story mode and MUT Squads. This edition features Tom Brady as the cover star in the G.O.A.T. and in the standard edition. As we mentioned, one of the big additions is Longshot where fans will determine the fate of Devin Wade, a forgotten NFL prospect, on his way to the Draft on and off the field. This new gameplay includes dialogue with answers that can impact on history, college football and 7v7, as well as new game mechanics. Now, thanks to Frostbite, EA's proprietary graphics engine, Madden NFL 2018 features the most realistic visuals in game history: landscapes, stadium exteriors, players and lighting; have details never seen before. Madden fans looking for a competitive and team experience will enjoy MUT Squads, which allows them to play as a team and online through Madden Ultimate Team. Fans can combine lists of players to create the best lineups with legendary and current professionals, choose the role of each of the [...]

Tips for Madden NFL 17

There is a time when a gamer wants to master every gaming field. For instance, those players playing Rocket League want to try Call of Duty, [...]

Madden NFL 18 in 4K?

This week, EA Sports has confirmed that Madden NFL 18, due to be released next week, will not be able to initially offer 4K resolutions and  [...]