What Do We Know About Madden NFL 21?

Are you a longtime Madden NFL 20 player who's already looking forward to the next game? Here is some good news for you. Madden NFL 21 was officially announced. We were all expecting a new Madden NFL game this year but things are not 100% certain until we get the official confirmation. So rest assured, a new game is coming this year. Let's review what we know about it. The release date is one of the first things th [...]

FIFA 20 - Team of the Season So Far Candidates

FIFA 20 Team of the Season So Far is an event that honors the best footballers from this season. The performance will be considered up until the day the season was suspended. The winners are chosen by community vote. Each voter gets to pick 23 players but no more than five from the same league. The selection must include a certain number of players from every position. There are seven goalkeepers, 24 defenders, 28 midfielders, and 33 attackers to choose from. Here are some of the candidates to the Team of the Season So Far. The goalkeeper selection includes: Courtois, Gulacsi, Leno, Sirigu, Livakovic, and Kolar. Here are some of the players from the defender selection. Pique is a center back with 88 OVR and 56 pacing, 61 shooting, 72 passing, 69 dribbling, 88 defending, and 80 physical. Egan is a 77 OVR center back with 65 pacing, 49 shooting, 52 passing, 60 dribbling, 77 defending, and 77 physical. Veltman is a 79 OVR center back with the following stats: 66 pacing,  [...]

FIFA 20 Weekly Review: Ultimate Team envelopes & Covid-19 Tournament

Tricks for FUT Envelope Opening Ultimate Team is the most addictive mode in FIFA 20, and one of its main incentives is e [...]

Which players received a Winter Refresh in FIFA 20 and how much did they raise their rating?

EA Sports surprised many gamers this year with the winter improvements, or Winter Refresh, of FIFA 20. Although some expected that certain c [...]