Madden NFL 19 Fails to Convince with His Story 'Longshot: Homecoming' (Part 1 of 2)

Many love sports video games, and also good stories. I tell you the questions about what to do with the most popular games. There is no shortage of films and series that show that the links that can be practiced in the perfect material for stories that catch the audience. The studios know, then, every year, big-budget films with sports themes on the big screen, a fact endorsed by a cast that guarantees at least on [...]

How Good the Season of Madden NFL 19 is?

The season is already underway and the teams are preparing for their best finery. It is here where Madden NFL 19 brings out many of its great virtues as the realism imposed by the 'Real Player Motion'. EA Tiburon was clear about the start and I was quick to announce that this system that combines various development processes in EA games was the one chosen to implant in the gameplay some physics as close as possible to reality. Something that this edition of the game achieves, in part, because it is not exempt from various bugs in the encounters between players where the physics of the bodies become intertwined with each other. Real Player Motion Another aspect that most attracts the attention of 'Real Player Motion' is the difference of movement and the physical of certain players who will move one way or another depending on their weight or body condition. As well as a more realistic control of the players who will not run at the same speed all the time. All this together with the new 'One Cut' mechanics where we can change th [...]

Cheats for Madden NFL 19

With these Madden NFL 19 tricks you will have nothing to fear. Madden NFL 19 is finally here, and that means football fans across the countr [...]

What Is Madden 19 Ultimate Team

One of the most played Madden 19 modes is Ultimate Team. This concept is common for many sports based games. Since it was introduced, it gai [...]