Meet the Best Players of the 2018 Russia World Cup in FIFA 18

The 2018 World Cup of Russia gave us great matches, in which it was possible to observe the best players in the world give their best effort. For this reason, FIFA 18 presents the best players of the Russian World Cup and we present them to you next. Luka Modric Croatian midfielder Luka Modric received the Golden Ball award with the support of the members of the FIFA Technical Study Group for his excellent perf [...]

FIFA 19 at E3

FIFA 19 was announced a day before E3 with a promotional image with Cristiano Ronaldo, to later show his first trailer game confirming the license of the Champions League. Little more we have been able to see the annual delivery of Electronic Arts, so the information we receive is in accounts. At the moment, all the improvements of FIFA 19 that have come to know thanks to the game sessions in which youtubers and influencers have participated have been compiled. Then we leave you with a list with all the improvements and changes that FIFA received in its new delivery: The penalties in the penalties have been solved. The ball will no longer strain under the goalkeeper's arms with such assiduity. The way to launch them has also changed You can change the position of the goalkeeper during the launch of a foul You can have players intercept the balls automatically or make your own manual • You can schedule your quick tactical tasks instead of the standard 8 • LT + B for volleys • LB + RB to kick satin, although it is not as effecti [...]

FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch, At 66% Discount on the eShop

FIFA 18, the latest installment of the popular sports series created by the EA Sports studio, debuted in September 2017 to offer players fro [...]

Does FIFA 18 sell more in Switch?

FIFA 18 went on sale many, but many months ago and has swept the world (especially in Spain). Week after week and month after month it remai [...]