New Madden NFL 22 Redux Items Are Now Available

MUTeamGo has Madden coins for sale at the best prices! More Madden NFL 22 Redux items have been released. Redux cards are based on Limited Edition cards. They feature the same players, but the cards are new editions. The Redux cards are found in packs. MUTeamGo can help you with Madden NFL 22 coins. All you have to do is to open packs. There is no need to rush bec [...]

New Content Available In Madden NFL 22 Sugar Rush II

Buy MUT 22 coins from MUTeamGo and we will process the order and send the coins right away! Madden NFL 22 players are busy with the second installment of the Sugar Rush event. More than 30 new items are available. Champions, Heroes, and Elites are up for grabs. The program offers opportunities to acquire Madden 22 coins, but don't forget that MUTeamGo sells them as well! The new items come from sets. We also have two new 99 OVR Limited Edition items that became available during Sugar Rush II. How to get Rewards in Madden NFL 22 Sugar Rush II The four Champions are the highest-rated items of this event. You get the 98 OVR cards as rewards from sets. We also have 10 96 OVR Heroes that come from sets as well. Elite players with OVRs ranging between 94 and 88 join the selection. These too are set rewards. Single-player challenges reward two 95 OVR items. You obtain NCAT Ray Lewis that has 95 speed, 97 acceleration, 92 agility, 87 change of direction, 95 awareness, 87 strength, 91 [...]

Are You Using The Madden NFL 22 Companion App?

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Alabama Crimson Tide squad led by Henry and Jones at Madden 22 Campus Legends

Here's everything you need to know about rolling Tide now in Madden 22 and the full Alabama Crimson Tide roster for Campus Legends. MUTEAMGO [...]