Madden NFL 17 Full Review

In Madden 17 kicks also received attention, but not everything was to our liking. Field goals, for example, left behind the intuitive system by gestures where you moved the right stick down and up to kick, in a mechanic that seemed to me the closest thing to striking a real ball and, instead, implemented a bar Of perceived power something obsolete and rigid, where you must press A or cross to activate a power bar and [...]

The Best Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 17

We talked about the best corebacks and today comes the turn of the quarterbacks. The Madden NFL season is here and it's time to start talking about more dominant players available in the game. Who are the best quarterbacks in Madden NFL 17? 4.- Ben Roethlisberger - Steelers - 93 of Rating It is no surprise that Big Ben is not only among the best quarterbacks in the NFL but also among the best in the Madden 17. The QB of the Steelers has strength in the arm and precision, but its best feature is the 82nd Strength, which makes it more complicated to knock down, as in real life. 3.- Tom Brady - Patriots - 94 Rating Although he will not play the first four games of the season, Tom Brady is third best QB of the entire NFL. In addition to being very difficult to lose the pace, no one has better accuracy for short and medium passes than the (98). His only "weak point" is that he is not so sure in passes over 20 yards. 2.- Cam Newton - Panthers - 94 of Rating If what you like is running with the quarterback and throwing bombs Cam Newton [...]

What is Draft Champions?

What is Draft Champions? In case you ask yourself this, you probably like football but you have not played Madden and we are going to explai [...]

Tips to Become Eli Manning

The race mode of Madden NFL 17 is somewhat different from the versions passed by different factors, which, based on gameplay, difficulty, ki [...]