Madden 19: Tom Brady with a Higher Catch Rating Than Nick Foles

Do you remember that game between the Patriots and the Eagles? Well, let´s go back in time. New England vs. Philadelphia. Both teams show in the course of the game a trick toy, in which their quarterbacks suddenly as a pass receiver in action. While Patriots playmaker Tom Brady drops the ball, Nick Foles grabs the safety of a wide receiver and plucks the ball out of the air for an Eagles touchdown. Brady likes th [...]

Madden NFL 19 Fails to Convince with His Story 'Longshot: Homecoming' (Part 2 of 2)

We continue with this analysis on Longshot 2 or Longshot: Homecoming. Remember that here we will analyze the results of the story from an objective point of view. On the last occasion we talked to them about this story without depth, so let's pick up where we left off. Why a virtual court? Apparently, EA Sports increased the time dedicated to a 'virtual field' in response to the comments and suggestions of many of its players. "One of the most common requests was that the players wanted to feel more involved with Longshot from a game perspective. With that, this season players will find four times more playing opportunities, and will be involved in more actions on the court, "wrote EA in a blog post. Without a doubt, Homecoming is more fun than Longshot, because there is more game involved. However, Longshot was our favorite video game experience of 2017, while Homecoming is one of the versions of 2018 that we least like so far. Why? Because playing Madden NFL 19 has nothing to do with history. A Series Of Weak Points Homecom [...]

Madden NFL 19 Fails to Convince with His Story 'Longshot: Homecoming' (Part 1 of 2)

Many love sports video games, and also good stories. I tell you the questions about what to do with the most popular games. There is no s [...]

How Good the Season of Madden NFL 19 is?

The season is already underway and the teams are preparing for their best finery. It is here where Madden NFL 19 brings out many of its grea [...]