Madden Ultimate Team 23 - Legends: LTD C. Wake, H. Moore, and R. Nitschke

Prepare for Madden NFL 23 with cheap Madden coins from A6K! This weekend, LTD Cameron Wake, Herman Moore, and Ray Nitschke will be the new Legends in Madden Ultimate 23. If you're looking for the LTD Cameron Wake, he's available at any time from the auction house, but can only be removed from the pack until Monday, September 19 at 10AM ET. The LTD Wake can be equipped  [...]

Madden 23 Field Passes And Season 1 Rewards

Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team is back, and it's a promising step up from its "just the bag" glory days, with new additions such as Field Pass. Buy cheap Madden 23 coins from A6k! There are still Settings and replays, but Field Pass is a new reward system that borrows from combat passes and team-featured programs such as NBA 2K and MLB The Show to add more rewards to XP grinding. They're all free, of course, and players can unlock exclusive players, coaches, uniforms, scripts, strategy items, and even new packages by playing Madden NFL 23 and completing in-game objectives. Each Field Pass has a different goal and experience progression that is rewarded based on their level, and there are three different types of progression. - Season passes are reset for each new MUT season and specific missions are added as new themed shows are introduced; Arena Pass focuses on competitive modes, such as H2H Season and MUT Champion, where they reset biweekly rewards, including Champion entry tokens. Program Field Pass [...]

Madden NFL 23 - Best Gridiron Quarterbacks Unmasked

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Have You Collected These Madden NFL 22 Rookie Premiere Players?

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