Does FIFA 18 sell more in Switch?

FIFA 18 went on sale many, but many months ago and has swept the world (especially in Spain). Week after week and month after month it remains in the number 1 of sales. In fact, he remained in his position even though there were great releases at that time, such as Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball Fighterz. Why does this happen? Undoubtedly, EA achieved a milestone by changing everything we knew about FIFA. [...]

Elder Scrolls Online - Experience new PvP Features in Update 18

Elder Scrolls Online PvP system is getting better with Update 18. This update caters to players that regularly take part in the alliance war and in battlegrounds. Cyrodiil is the game zone where alliances are locked in a constant war. There are campaigns, objectives, quests, and lots of things to do in this PvP area. The update will give players more tasks. Daily quests are coming to Cyrodiil. Players can pick up daily quests from the board next to the three entrance gates. The board will contain one of the four dailies. There is a daily that requires players to gain control over three keeps, one that tasks them with occupying three towns, one that is completed after players get nine resources, and one that has as an objective defeating 40 enemy players. The reward for completing a daily is a container called Gladiator's Rucksack. It can contain crafting items, treasure maps, and newly introduced Elder Scrolls Online currency. Players will exchange this currency for items that allo [...]

No Annual Version of Madden NFL?

We are in an era in which the deliveries of current video games come year after year. Franchises such as Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden and WWE  [...]

Watch the CS: GO Major Championship in September 2018!

CS: GO is a well-known name in the world of e-sports. Lots of tournaments of all kinds, from small local contests to international showdowns [...]