Madden NFL 19 Predicts the Super Bowl Result Between Patriots and Rams

It is already a tradition that in Electronic Arts simulate the Superbowl in the corresponding edition of Madden, and it could not be otherwise in the final number 53 to be held this next morning. New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will face each other in a game that paralyzes the United States and part of the world, an event as sporting as media that, according to Madden NFL 19, will win the Angelinos by only  [...]

What You Need to Know About FIFA 19 FUT Web App

If you are a FIFA 19 player who spends a lot of time playing Ultimate Team, then you can use the FUT Web App to manage your UT and buy fifa 19 players outside of the game. Players are able to view squads, squad building challenges, club, leaderboards, and transfers when they use the web app. This is a handy feature because it gives players the chance to be in charge of their UT without using the PC or console. All you need is a FUT 19 Club to access the web app. Don't mistake the web app for the companion app. The latter is a mobile app that can be used on an Android or iOS device. The web app works in a web and mobile browser. The supported web browsers are Opera, Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. On a mobile device, the web app is supported on mobile Chrome and Safari. It might work on other browsers too but these are the official recommendations. It's also advised to always have the latest browser version installed. For a web browser, it's n [...]

Madden 19: Tom Brady with a Higher Catch Rating Than Nick Foles

Do you remember that game between the Patriots and the Eagles? Well, let´s go back in time. New England vs. Philadelphia. Both teams show i [...]

Madden NFL 19 Fails to Convince with His Story 'Longshot: Homecoming' (Part 2 of 2)

We continue with this analysis on Longshot 2 or Longshot: Homecoming. Remember that here we will analyze the results of the story from an ob [...]