More News about Longshot of Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 was presented at the EA Play event at E3 2017 bringing its first story mode titled Longshot. This is Madden NFL's first cinematic and playable story mode under the new Frostbite graphics engine. We will star in Devin Wade, a prospect who has vanished from the spotlight, as he struggles through sweat and tears so his name is said by the commissioner on draft day. Electronic Arts was in charge to begin t [...]

E3 2017: Madden NFL 18 Shows Its Story Mode

As every year, the Electronic Arts saga of football has been present at the conference of the company celebrated during E3. This year, Madden NFL 18, in addition to the classic videos showing the different graphics improvements over the previous installment, has shown what the guys from EA have named: LongShot. In this new game mode we will be in the shoes of a young American football player who will have to fight at every stage of his life to achieve his dream of becoming a professional player in the best league in the world. Taking some of the most famous moments of Friday Night Lights, this feature will have the development of a young player, while looking for his opportunity within the NFL world. The game will include the participation of the protagonist of Moonlight and Luke Cage, Mahershala Ali. Within Twitter, the actor who played Jason Street in Friday Night Lights, Scott Porter, confirmed his participation within the title. In addition this new game mode of Madden NFL 18 will feature the performance of the Oscar-winning ac [...]

Madden NFL 18 - MUT Squads Confirmed for Madden 18

Jake Stein, producer of Madden Ultimate Team has published clarifications of how will work this new mode of game in the future Madden NFL 18 [...]

What Version of Madden NFL 18 Buy?

Since the release of the Madden 18 trailer, we were told that this year installment would have more than one version. This is something we'v [...]