All New Superstar and X-Factors in Madden 23 Season 4

EA has released the eighth game update in the Madden 23 series. This patch focuses on the new Season 4, with some exciting new Superstars and the X-Factor. It also brings us some gameplay changes, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements.
The latest X-Factors and Superstars title updates have NFL fans excited. A new update then introduced new Superstars and an updated X-Factor. In this guide, we’ll detail all the new X-Factors and Superstars in the game. Remember to visit U7BUY for cheap Madden coins and build your dream team today!

Madden 23 X-Factor Update in Season 4

The eighth title update has introduced new X-Factors to deserving players, including Josh Jacobs, Dexter Lawrence, and more.
Here are all of the new X-Factors in Season 4 of the game:
Josh Jacobs (Wrecking Ball)
Josh Jacobs is a Halfback for the Las Vegas Raiders. Here are his additional abilities:
Backfield Master
Dexter Lawrence (Blitz)
Dexter Lawrence plays defensive tackle for the New York Giants. Additional abilities:
Inside Stuff
El Toro
Ja’Marr Chase (Double Me)
Ja’Marr Chase is wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. Here are all his additional abilities:
Mid-In Elite
Mid-Out Elite
Runoff Elite
Patrick Surtain II (Shutdown)
Cornerback Patrick Surtain II plays for the Denver Broncos. His additional abilities are:
Outside Shade
Short Route KO
Tip Drill
Roquan Smith (Reinforcement)
Roquan Smith is a Middle Lineback for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. Here are all his additional abilities:
Tackle Supreme
Flat Zone KO
Jaire Alexander (Shutdown)
Jaire Alexander plays as the Cornerback for Green Bay Packers. His additional abilities are as follows:
Outside Shade
Short Route KO

Demoted X-Factors and Superstars in Madden 23

Some players were demoted based on their performances and for changes in the new patch.
Demoted X-Factors
Khalil Mack
Cam Jordan
Aaron Rodgers
Jonathan Taylor
Darius Leonard
Chandler Jones
Demoted Superstars
Ryan Ramczyk
Rodney Hudson
Eric Kendrics
Joe Mixon
Russell Wilson
Myles Jack
Xavien Howard

What are X-Factor and Superstar in Madden 23?

For those who don’t know, the X-Factor ability provides certain players with key traits that give them an edge on the pitch. That said, the game doesn’t give every player access to these boosts. Talented, special players in the league are more likely to get the X-factor. Ability boosts help accentuate their signature game or style of play.
Superstars don’t achieve the X-factor, but they do gain bonus skills.
Here’s everything you need to know about all the new Superstars and X-Factors in Madden 23.