NFL 23 – Latavius Murray is the New ‘Weekly Wildcards: Veteran’

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A new, outstanding ‘Weekly Wildcards: Veteran’ card has just been made available in NFL 23, and this time around, it comes in the form of Denver Broncos’ 33-year old halfback, Latavius Murray.

Murray has been playing in the NFL for the past ten (10) years, and he has had stints with multiple different teams, like Minnesota Vikings, and New Orleans Saints.

Now with Denver Broncos since 2022, Murray looks set to share his expertise and talents with other gridiron players, especially the younger generations.

Hence, his ‘Weekly Wildcards: Veteran’ selection is perfectly justified, featuring incredible attributes like:

(HB) Latavius Murray’s ‘Weekly Wildcards: Veteran’ Player Card: OVR 97

Acceleration, ACC (General): 98
Break Tackle, BTK (Ball Carrier): 97
Carrying, CAR (Ball Carrier): 96
Speed, SPD (General): 96
Jumping, JMP (General): 95

Stiff Arm, SFA (Ball Carrier): 95
Trucking, TRK (Ball Carrier): 94
Change of Direction, COD (Ball Carrier) : 94
Juke Move, JKM (Ball Carrier): 94
Ball Carrier Vision, BCV (Ball Carrier): 93

Latavius Murray has all the necessary skills to participate in all kinds of play, most notably his ability to breeze through tackles while running with the ball in his arms.

Murray’s in-game archetype is Power Back (HB), suiting his overall mentality and playing style.

Furthermore, his card traits are:

Covers Ball (Braces Against Medium Hitters)
Fights For Extra Yards
Drops Open Passes

True to his role, Murray can also play in other positions when required:

(FB) OVR 83
(WR) OVR 72

For someone as trustworthy and proven as him, Murray’s new ‘Weekly Wildcards: Veteran’ does cost a lot of MUT Coins to recruit in MUT:

Xbox: 627,000 MUT Coins
PS: 499,000 MUT Coins
PC: 499,000 MUT Coins

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