Madden 24 Halloween Event is on the way

The calendar has turned to October, which means Madden 24 Most Feared is right around the corner. Madden 24 Season 2 and Halloween are almost here, things are about to get spooky on Ultimate Team!

The annual “Most Feared” event is the first truly landmark event of the MUT season and one that players can’t wait to experience. So what can fans expect from this season of The Greatest Fear? let’s see.

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Latest: Most Feared cards leaked

A trailer for the event Most Feared is playing on the MUT home screen, with various players appearing in the background. As usual, the Madden 24 community is trying hard to figure out who these players are.

Content creator Zirksee took screenshots of each of the Most Feared trailers and was able to identify most of the players in them. These players are George Kittle, Maurkice Pouncey, Budda Baker, Kirk Cousins, Kurt Warner, Matthew Slater, Matthew Judon, Jared Allen and Marshawn Lynch.

So expect to see these players become part of the Most Feared event and receive a card with a unique design and hopefully some great attributes.

More players may join the program. So if you’re wondering what other players the “Most Feared” program might include, check out our predictions below.


Madden 24 Most Feared release time

While Season 2 is set to begin this week, we don’t expect the Most Feared to arrive until around Thursday, October 12. As with all events this year, it will launch in-game at 1:30 pm ET / 6:30 pm BST.

The program will last three weeks, making it the first major event of the season.


Champion predictions

We’ve seen the likes of Ray Lewis, Troy Polamalu, and Randy Moss on the events before, but they’ve been elevated to Legends, so who will it be this year?

If we had to pick one quarterback, it would be Cam Newton. He’s been in the NFL for a few years but has been a popular prospect due to his speed, arm strength, and size. If they wanted to draft an incumbent, it would probably be Lamar Jackson or Justin Fields.

As for the skill positions, this seems like the perfect place for Justin Jefferson, Travis Kelce, and Derrick Henry to get their first big cards of the year. This is despite Henry appearing on “Most Feared” last year.

On defense, players like TJ Watt, Aaron Donald, and Myles Garrett will have to be top contenders, while off-ball players like Kyle Dugger, Sauce Gardner, and Fred Warner will likely be in the scheme.

This year’s champion will likely have an OVR of 91, which raises the ceiling of available players and forces a massive roster shuffle.


Solo challenges & Field Pass

There will be plenty of challenges to keep players engaged throughout the three-week Most Feared tournament, and there should also be a decent Field Pass.

We expect around 300 stars to get BND Heroe, as this seems to be the most wins EA has given players this year.

As for the Field Pass, there will likely be a program player similar to what we saw in Campus Heroes and Gridiron Keepers, which will use tokens to upgrade during the program. We want him to be a linebacker or offensive lineman, so maybe Matt Milano or Zach Martin.



MUT likes to create some complex Chemistries right now, and Most Feared is no exception. Last year we had vampires, werewolves, and gargoyles, so we might see something similar.

It can be three chemistries spread out over three weeks, or it can be three chemistries that can be used simultaneously and evolve throughout the program.


House Rules

One of the highlights of the MUT project is the “House Rules” activity. The Gridiron Guardians Rules event is great and we could see something similar in the Most Feared.

We could see the return of the giants and speedsters we had before, which would be epic. Regardless, expect some big things to happen on this show.

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