Why Madden 17 is Better Than the Previous Madden NFL Games

The newest addition to the Madden NFL franchise, Madden 17, has improved gameplay and new features that make it a better product than its predecessor. Each year developers polish game’s systems to provide an authentic American football experience. Madden 17 improves sports related mechanics such as offense and defense but also adds special teams. Ball carrier mechanics are part of the newly introduced features. The running game was entirely revamped. Defensive gap play was introduced as well. Madden 17 features and mechanics were designed for new players but also for those who are well familiar with the game. On lower difficulty settings players now have automatic skills. Long time players will be glad to see new skills moves. Madden 17 also has new animations.

Players have more ways than ever to enjoy the Franchise mode. The mode received the biggest update since Madden 13. Play the Moments is a new Madden 17 feature that allows the players to take control of the game in certain moments. Those who want to experience the game as managers now have a new feature to help them. Big Decisions gives players the chance to quickly apply changes and to manage their team in a very easy and convenient way. Players can now obtain info on their opponents and their play style. They can observe opponent’s strategy and best moves and figure out ways to win against them before the match. Each week will come with different challenges. Players need to decide which football players to train and assign to the team depending on the opponent.

Commentary mode is a brand new feature that made its debut in Madden 17. The famous duo Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis work with the development team to record more commentaries that will be added to the game with future updates. The two are well known sports analysts and commentators. Future commentaries will be based on what happening on the real American football scene.