Madden NFL 18 – MUT Squads Confirmed for Madden 18

Jake Stein, producer of Madden Ultimate Team has published clarifications of how will work this new mode of game in the future Madden NFL 18 that we will summarize next:
• Each MUT Squads game will be 3 vs 3 being an additional game mode to Madden Ultimate Team. Inside the MUT Squads’ locker room we can invite our friends to play together, but also give the option to play only and pair with two additional players.
• In the dressing room will have to make an important decision before starting the game, choosing the roles of each of the players. There will be three roles available:
• Offensive captain: he will play with his offensive team and special teams of Madden Ultimate Team. He is also in charge of controlling the QB, choose the offensive playbook, choose the offensive plays and perform the audible and offensive adjustments. In defense you can control any of the 11 players in the field not controlled by another user.
• Defensive Captain: he will play with his defensive team of Madden Ultimate Team. He is also in charge of choosing the defensive playbook, choose defensive plays and perform audible and defensive adjustments. In attack you can control any position except the QB position.
• Trainer: you will play with your stadiums and Madden Ultimate Team uniforms. It is in charge of requesting the dead time and to determine the results of the penalties. When playing in attack you can control any position except the position of the QB and when playing in defense you can control any position that no other user controls.
• In the event of a disconnection during the match, the session will continue and the role of the player who left will be transferred to another player who is still playing. For example, if your offensive captain suffers a disconnect, the responsibility for choosing the offensive plays and controlling the QB will pass to the coach and everything else will remain exactly the same until the end of the session.
• The MUT Squads mode will be fully playable at EA Play in Hollywood, California June 10-12.
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