Is Longshot a Cinematic Experience?

We returned with this second part of the interview we had with Mike Young, creative director, and Robin Cowie, producer of Longshot mode. Without further ado, let’s begin!
What were your creative inspirations when writing the Longshot story?
MIKE: As for video games, The Last of Us for the quality of its history. That initial scene where the father comes home tired is one of the most authentic moments I’ve seen in a video game. The games of The Walking Dead of Telltale by the style of the dialogues and to have a very deep conflict. Fight Night Champion for lack of load screens and variety in gameplay.
Can you tell us about any of the challenges that the team faced during development?
ROBIN: One of the challenges was to edit the story. We designed a single version, which integrated many cinematographic techniques in the traditional development of a video game. The goal was to achieve an uninterrupted narrative that hardly gets you out of history.

What was the biggest challenge in including a story mode for a player in a Madden game?
MIKE: The biggest challenge was to convince people to create a sports history mode that did not follow the path marked by previous games. I got the feeling that other games had a traditional superstar mode with menus and some scenes from the story. Ours is a playable story.
What has been the most exciting thing about Longshot for the development team and for you?
ROBIN: One of the actors brought his 12-year-old son to the office. He is a great fan of Madden NFL. We let him play the first act and some members of the development team gathered around to watch him play. It was really fun to see him totally into the story. Every day we worked tirelessly and that moment made all the effort worthwhile. More news about Madden 18 and Madden 18 Coins will be offered by us in future. Please stay tuned.