Why Madden NFL 18 Will Be the Best in the Series?

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us in this second part of our analysis of why Madden NFL 18 will be the best of the series. In the last occasion we talked about the Frostbite engine and the benefits it will bring to the field. That is why today we will talk about Longshot and how fruitful it will be for EA. Let’s start!
Longshot: The best story mode to date
Since the FIFA 17 Journey mode came into our hands, we could not stop playing. It literally consumed us and became the only game mode we wanted to play at that time (and to date). That’s why, when we saw that Longshot was a Journey mode in NFL, but improved, we went crazy and wanted to have Madden NFL 18 in our hands.
Longshot puts you in the shoes of a college football player, as you may have imagined, everything will start from the university stage of our young friend. We will play on college campuses against other colleges so that, after a long time of competition and effort, we can go up and play with the NFL stars.
What makes this game so great and desirable is that it will transport us to a few years in the past, so those warm tones, dress and other will be included in this game to make us miss the 80’s.
But that’s not all, Longshot not only offers this content, but offers even more. In fact, there are those who dare to say that it is twice as much content as Journey. We’ll have to wait to see if Longshot is up to Journey. However, what we have been able to see up to this moment has enchanted us.
We will keep you posted with more Madden 18 articles and news about Madden 18 coins online. Be free contact with us for things you want to know about the game.