Madden NFL 18 Tricks – Best Players and Passes

Winning in American football is not easy, especially if you’re not used to your rules and you do not take into account the multitude of technical, physical and positional aspects that are needed to sign up for the marker itself. Today we will review all to win.

We will comment on the best receivers, we will help you to make a good pass and we will tell you some Madden NFL 18 tricks that you may not know, but we assure you that they will serve to your team to win the Super Bowl.

Madden NFL 18 cheats for Madden

We advise you to use the Madden NFL 18 trick of the target passing, which is totally optional but offers great benefits if you try to get the ball to specific areas. If you learn to use it you will have great advantages in the online, then we will help you learn to master it.

If you are a casual player you may not need to benefit from targen passing, one of the best tricks of Madden NFL 18 for the online, but if you are looking for online games you must keep in mind that many players do know how to use it and want to take advantage of he.

To use it you must select your main receiver with the Coach Camera. When you have it, hold LT (Xbox) or L2 (PS4) and then move the analog stick to move the lens. In doing so, the quarterback will automatically move to align with him, releasing the button will perform the automatic pass. At last, Buy MUT 18 coins online will help you save money and get coins easy.