What We Think About the New Gameplay Mechanics in Madden NFL 18

There is a new aerial sights system, a great addition to the Quarterback strategy. Now we can control the point where the ball will be thrown. The old system continues: you press the receiver’s indicated button, which automatically routes and receives the ball (or not).

Now, using the L2 / LT trigger and the Left Analog, you indicate to the game where you want to place the ball according to the receiver’s route. The dynamics of American football require players, and the quarterback in particular, adjustments to each move. Even if you have rehearsed to exhaustion, every move is unique and a well-placed defense demands launch adjustments that the new system allows.

Still in the offense, the Playbook remains vast, as well as Madden’s tips for the plays. After becoming more familiar with the moves, explore more possibilities, especially taking into account the characteristics of your team.

But be careful. Using this system requires time, something that your offensive line and pass rushers may not concede. Try to use this system in short passes.

The Quarterback is the great commander of the offensive unit and we spend most of his time on his command. But there are other ways to have fun in Madden, and one of the best ways is to play defense. Before you start, use cheap MUT 18 coins to build your team first.

When defending, press the Up to digital control to change the camera and position it the same way as when you are in the attack. It opens a “new world” in the game, to play with the defenders. You can defend your area, hunt the opponent’s QB, stop the ground game or take control of some piece in the secondary. Stopping the enemy attack is as rewarding as attacking.