Madden NFL 18 is Art

Electronic Arts Inc. released Madden NFL 18, giving fans the deepest experience of Madden NFL 18 than any other edition in the history of the franchise. Madden NFL 18 offers a long list of improvements, including its debut with the celebrated Frosbite game engine, features like the first Longshot story mode and incredible new ways to team up with friends and play with the MUT Squads. This year we have something for everyone!

For this edition it seemed appropriate that the winner of 5 Super Bowls and widely considered as “G.O.A.T. “(Greatest Of All Time), Tom Brady, be the star of the cover in the Edition G.O.A.T. in Madden NFL 18, released earlier this week, and in the standard edition, which is released today. The game continues to accumulate incredible reviews and is acclaimed by the community of gamers. Proof of this is what Sports Illustrated said, who chose Madden NFL 18 as “the best of a generation”, while GameSpot called it “a great football game”.

For the new fans of Madden NFL, and those who enjoy the experience of watching a good movie, we present Longshot, the first campaign mode of the franchise. Longshot is an emotional, immersive and cinematic gaming experience where fans will determine the fate of Devin Wade, a forgotten NFL prospect, on his way to the Draft on and off the field. This new game mode includes dialogue with responses that can affect history, collegiate football and 7v7, buy MUT 18 coins online will help you build a better team and play better. It also includes big names in Hollywood, such as the Oscar winner, Maharshala Ali, and the star of the Friday Night Lights series, Scott Porter. Even the well-known virtual videogame magazine IGN named Longshot as something “fantastic” and that “keeps you close to the TV”.