No Annual Version of Madden NFL?

We are in an era in which the deliveries of current video games come year after year. Franchises such as Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden and WWE 2K are those with annual versions. This is appreciated by some fans, however, we are many who wish that, instead of launching annual editions, release a version every 2 or 3 years, but with real improvements and not just updates.

EA without Madden NFL 19 for this year?

Apparently EA has adopted this position or at least it seems, since we had a scheme of annual releases in its Battlefield franchise from Battlefield 3. However, with the release of Battlefield 1 we had to wait 2 years and, since then, another 2 years have passed and we have not received another delivery.

Although the presentation of a new Battlefield is widely rumored on EA Play, this lapse of time helped new players arrive and allowed EA to launch a game of a lot, but a lot of quality.

The same could happen to its most famous franchises, such as FIFA and Madden, since, to be honest, the only updates offered by these games year after year are based on the roster. Although, MUT 18 coins surprised us with his Longshot mode, what else will there be to come?

In the author’s opinion, EA should focus on launching DLC’s that add these roster updates, instead of launching a full game with these updates and for a ridiculous price. I mean, $ 60 for an update? If the game was full of rewards, new real content and other features, of course it would be worth it.