Madden NFL 19 Predicts the Super Bowl Result Between Patriots and Rams

It is already a tradition that in Electronic Arts simulate the Superbowl in the corresponding edition of Madden, and it could not be otherwise in the final number 53 to be held this next morning. New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will face each other in a game that paralyzes the United States and part of the world, an event as sporting as media that, according to Madden NFL 19, will win the Angelinos by only 3 points.

Aaron Donald will dominate the game
According to this prediction, the defensive lineman of the Rams, Aaron Donald, will be one of the stars of the game, with 4 sacks on Tom Brady – in addition to 6 tackles – which will end the game with 287 yards passing, 2 touchdown passes and an interception. Meanwhile, the Angels’ QB Jared Goff will do the same with 303 passing yards and the same number of touchdown passes and interceptions. His favorite target will be Robert Woods, with 8 receptions, 103 receiving yards and a touchdown. The final result will be Patriots 27 – Rams 30.

This is the sixteenth time that Electronic Arts simulates the Superbowl in Madden, having scored 10 times so far. Last season it actually failed, as it predicted the Patriots’ victory over the Philadelphia Eagles by 24-20, something that, as NFL fans will know, it was not finally like that, and those in the city of brotherly love were made with victory. In fact, the NFL itself has also done its own simulation, and has given a very different and quite spectacular result: 54-36 for the Patriots.

Notably, in the 2015 Superbowl, Madden NFL 16 hit not only the winner, but the exact score, with a 28-24 victory from the ubiquitous New England Patriots over the Seattle Seahawks. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting Madden NFL 19, you can read our analysis and then look for it at a good price in one of the offers that will appear these days to celebrate the end of the NFL season.