Final of Madden NFL 19 Breaks Audience Record of the Series

Competitive sports are an issue that gains relevance over the years, not only in fiction games, but in conventional sports titles. Proof of this is Madden NFL 19, which recently broadcast the final of its virtual football tournament, Bowl, which became the event with the most audience in the history of the series.

The press release gives its opinion

According to a press release, Electronic Arts reported that the event transmitted by Twitch had a peak of 97,000 concurrent users, which meant an annual increase of 650%. Similarly, the total number of views was excellent, since it presented an annual increase of 850%, to reach the figure of 2.5 million.

The event was also broadcast on ESPN2, whereby it got 805,000 viewers. It is important to mention that the transmission of the final lasted 1 hour on this platform and that to promote the event and get it to fans of the esports and the NFL there were different mechanics that included the integration with Twitch.

The results of Bowl may mean more support from Electronic Arts to this sector, as we recall that recently revealed a new transmission center specially built for events of this type. That said, it is likely that next year will be held a new edition of the competition where the next installment of the franchise, Madden NFL 20, will be played, and we will see if the player who crowned himself as champion in the recent tournament, Drini Gjoka.

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Madden NFL 19 is the latest installment of the sports franchise, but Madden NFL 20 it´s in the making!