Madden NFL 20 – The Latest Power Up Expansions and Ultimate Legends

Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team got a new batch of power up expansions. There are six available items. Two of them are defensive and the other four are offensive. Let’s take a look at the player item cards.


We will start with the defensive items:

Brian Bosworth has 99 OVR with 92 speed, 93 acceleration, 93 strength, 98 tackle, 97 play recognition, 95 block shedding, 95 hit power, and 73 zone coverage.

Troy Polamalu has 99 OVR as well. The stats are 96 speed, 98 acceleration, 93 tackle, 98 play recognition, 98 pursuit, 85 man coverage, 97 zone coverage, and 96 hit power. These are the offensive items.

Larry Fitzgerald has 99 OVR and 93 speed, 99 jumping, 99 catching, 99 catch in traffic, 99 spectacular catch, 97 short route run, 95 medium route run, and 92 deep route run.

Ahman Green has 99 OVR. His stats are 97 speed, 97 acceleration, 95 agility, 95 carrying, 79 catching, 91 elusiveness, 98 trucking, and 97 break tackle.

Dante Hall has 99 OVR. This card has the following stats: 98 speed, 84 jumping, 89 catching, 86 catch in traffic, 85 spectacular catch, 89 short route run, 85 medium route run, and 88 deep route run.

Andrew Whitworth has 99 OVR. The stats are 96 strength, 98 awareness, 98 pass block, 96 pass block power, 99 pass block finesse, 95 run block, 93 run block power, and 95 run block finesse.


Don’t forget about the new Ultimate Legends as well:

Joe Montana has 98 OVR with 79 speed, 93 throw power, 98 throw accuracy shot, 98 throw accuracy mid, 97 throw accuracy deep, 99 throw under pressure, 93 throw on the run, and 97 play action.

Sean Taylor has 99 OVR and the stats 97 speed, 97 acceleration, 92 tackle, 94 play recognition, 97 pursuit, 86 man coverage, 96 zone coverage, and 99 hit power.

Franco Harris has 99 OVR. His stats are 93 speed, 89 strength, 98 awareness, 99 carrying, 83 catching, 79 run block, 87 lead block, and 89 impact blocking.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)