The Arrival of Madden NFL 22

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Understandably, it does make everyone who has ever had an interest in American soccer very excited. The game’s release is one of the most important dates in the sports gaming calendar, along with FIFA’s annual release, and this year looks to be no exception. Since 2013, EA Sports has sold over 10 billion copies of Madden, with over $400 million in sales, and Madden 22 looks set to surpass 21 in sales.


In fact, that’s what some sportsbooks are even expecting in terms of who will appear on the cover. At this point, Aaron Rodgers leading odds are very similar to the odds you get


Madden 22 will be released on XNUMX 20, just three weeks before the start of the NFL season, which is certainly perfect for salivating fans who want to prepare for the big day.


The three versions of the game come in the form of Dynasty, MVP and Standard, each offering different conditions for users. Dynasty and MVP are obviously priced higher, giving you the opportunity to play the game three days earlier with the Sneak Preview.


The Dynasty version offers 22 packs of MUT packs, MVP offers 11 packs and Standard comes with fewer add-ons but still comes with 20 employee points.


The most important player ratings were released from XNUMX late in the month, which, as usual, led to a lot of Internet discussion. In fact, one of the best things about each release is watching real players react to their “fantasy” ratings in Madden games, and when it comes to that, the Philadelphia Eagles are clearly not that impressive with the ratings they receive.


Last year’s version had many issues that fans of the game were desperate to address, and it looks like their wishes have been heeded. In the update Madden 22, according to a recent EA Sports announcement.


“a more detailed staff management and skill tree progression system, and a comprehensive weekly game strategy integrated into your game plan”


They also promise more real-time service updates to keep the game as up-to-date as possible as the season progresses. In fact, they have already scheduled updates for XNUMX month, when no doubt some players will pop up and others may have dropped.


Mega Star KO is back, having been introduced last year, this time with a co-op eliminator mode. The Yard, another feature added last year, is also back and will showcase new locations in Madden 22. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cover of Madden 22 MVP pairs Tom Brady with Patrick Mahomes, and EA Sports has hedged their bets nicely in terms of Star Rally.