Madden NFL 23 – Best Gridiron Quarterbacks Unmasked

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New official ratings have been revealed for most players of the upcoming Madden NFL 23 game, and if you’re favouring the Quarterback position on the field, here’s a look at the best players for the role in the new game!

With the eventual release of Madden NFL 23 now just around the corner, many of us are now waiting for the chance to finally play our favourite teams and players inside the game.

Since the official ratings for every player are now up online, why don’t we see who ranks the highest when it comes to the best Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 23?

If you’re up for it too, here they are:

Top Five (5) Quarterbacks

1.Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): OVR 97
At the age of 44, Tom Brady seems to defy expectations and critics as he continues to dominate the field with his supreme attributes, such as:

Awareness, AWA: 99
Stamina, STA: 99
Toughness, TOU: 99
Short Throw Accuracy, SAC: 99
Play Action, PAC: 99

2.Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers): OVR 96
Another long-serving veteran of the NFL, Aaron Rodgers is up there amongst the best Quarterbacks too, now enjoying some profound stats like:

Toughness, TOU: 98
Awareness, AWA: 97
Stamina, STA: 97
Throw under Pressure, TUP: 97
Throw on the Run, RUN: 96

3.Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs): OVR 95
A prime player destined for greatness, it’s easy to forget that Patrick Mahomes is still just 26 years and developing, meaning that his supreme attributes can only get better, such as:

Throw on the Run, RUN: 98
Throw Power, THP: 97
Stamina, STA: 96
Toughness, TOU: 96
Play Action, PAC: 96

4.Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills): OVR 92
Josh Allen is the exact copy of Patrick Mahomes albeit with only a few different playing capabilities like:

Throw Power, THP: 99
Ball Carrier Vision, BCV: 95
Throw on the Run, RUN: 95
Break Sack, BSK: 95
Stamina, STA: 94

5.Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals): OVR 90
The youngest elite Quarterback in Madden NFL 23, Joe Burrow is the Bengals’ secret weapon against most top teams in the NFL, showcasing some incredible abilities like:

Toughness, TOU: 97
Short Throw Accuracy, SAC: 97
Medium Throw Accuracy, MAC: 97
Awareness, AWA: 92
Throw under Pressure, TUP: 92

Now you’ve covered the best Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 23!

Since many other people are looking forward to knowing who others rank highest in other positions on the field too, future articles may cover other roles like Tight End, Cornerbacks, and Safeties too, among others.

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