Madden Ultimate Team 23-Legends LTD A. Vinatieri, D. Culpepper, and A. Williams

Come to A6K if you are looking for cheap Madden coins! The new legends in today’s MUT 23 are LTD Adam Vinatieri, Daunte Culpepper and Aeneas Williams. LTD Vinatieri is available as a bundle until Monday, October 17th, and comes with Focused Kicker (1 AP) and Zen Kicker (1 AP) in his custom skill bucket. Daunte Culpepper is a strong quarterback that can be obtained by completing his set. Power Culpepper and choose from Gutsy Scrambler (1 AP), Dashing Deadeye (1 AP), Fearless (1 AP) or Set Feet Lead (3 AP) in his custom bucket. The last legend also available from his roster is Slot CB Aeneas Williams. Power custom ability buckets with Tip Drill (0 AP), Pick Artist (1 AP), Acrobat (2 AP) or Deep Out Zone KO (1 AP).

legendary player
*Custom abilities are baked into the LTD Vinatieri. Culpepper’s and Williams’ discounted power only applies to each player’s Power Up items.

92 Adam Vinatiri | K | Exact | Colts, Patriots, Legends
limited edition
Zen Kicker or Focused Kicker (1 AP) (1 AP)
92 Daunte Culpepper: QB, Strong Arms, Legends Charge, Vikings, Dolphins, Raiders, Lions

Fearless (1 AP), Set Feet Lead (1 AP), or Gutsy Scrambler (1 AP) are all options (3 AP)

Aeneas Williams was a cornerback with the Cardinals, Rams, and Legends.


Pick Artist (1 AP), Acrobat (2 AP), Deep Out Zone KO, or Tip Drill (0 AP) (1 AP)

Legendary Set
BND 90 OVR Season Edition Daunte Culpepper and 92 OVR Boss Daunte Culpepper may be obtained by exchanging 90 OVR Daunte Culpepper, any 2x 88 OVR Legends, any 4x 86 OVR Legends, and any 5x 84 OVR Legends.
Swap any 2x 88 OVR Legends, any 4x 86 OVR Legends, and any 5x 84 OVR Legends for 1x 92 OVR Boss Legend Aeneas Williams and 1x BND 90 OVR Season Edition Aeneas Williams to get the 92 OVR Boss Aeneas Williams.

Legendary Challenge
To get Adam Vinatieri’s hidden challenge, complete 6 Culpepper and Williams challenges. To earn 84 OVR Daunte Culpepper and 84 OVR Aeneas Williams, complete all 7 challenges.

Legendary Week 8 – 7 Challenges, 1,400 Coins, Power Up Culpepper and Williams, 7 stars possible

What are your thoughts on this week’s saga?