Madden 18 Finally Present Itself and Tom Brady Is in the Cover!

The quarterback became the top Super Bowl winner in history and EA Sports celebrated with a special edition of the video game. For this year Madden will be G.O.A.T Edition.
Why the game is called G.O.A.T.?
G.O.A.T makes reference to the phrase in English “the best of all Time” (Greatest Of All Time). Of course, Tom Brady can easily enter that category because even though he was not selected until the sixth round of Draft, he has shown his talent throughout 17 years of career.
Madden does the same with Madden NFL 18, the new installment of the EA Sports football simulator, which today presented its first trailer and release date: it will hit the stores on August 25th. Another element that Madden seems to take from FIFA is the story mode that premiered the football simulator last year, although not yet advanced too many details on the matter.
EA Sports has also introduced the GOAT Edition (acronym for “Best of all times”), which will allow you to enjoy the game three days before its release in stores on 25 August. No details have yet been given on the content of the special edition of the video game, so there will be waiting for news from the publisher over the next few days. The cover of the new Madden has been for Tom Brady, of the Patriots.
The launch of the video game has been confirmed exclusively for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, leaving players of PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 without Madden ration.
From U7buy we hope that Brady is not affected by any of the other two superstitions and has a new season of legend with the Patriots. Also welcome to buy Madden 18 Coins when its released!