What’s New in Madden NFL 18?

The first trailer for Madden 18 came last week and with it a series of speculations about the content of this year’s version. As good fans of the game, we could not take it anymore and we started to analyze every detail of the trailer.
Second by second we dissected the video to bring you the most important things that we could notice. Would you like to know what we found? Stay with us and you will know!
– New graphics engine
Yes, we know that EA was the one who said that he would use the new Frostbite graphics engine in Madden 18 (which we can see in Battlefield, Battlefront and recently FIFA 17), but in the trailer we finally saw it in action and it looks incredible.
– Graphic enhancements
Thanks to the Frostbite engine, EA has been able to give a better look to this year’s version. It is clear to us when we see the trailer. The faces, the clothes, the ball, the stadiums and the grass, oh my God, everything looks incredible. It feels like being really on the court.
– New story mode
We could see in the trailer the figure of a player outside the Lucas Oil Stadium and we are sure that is the clear indication of the mode “The Road” as we saw in FIFA 17 with Alex Hunter.
– Possible game styles
In the trailer we could notice that there is an interface that allows the player to take styles of games to face difficult opponents. How will this work? We do not know, but we can not wait to try it.
We have also been informed of the rumor of the return of game modes, of improving the Ultimate Team mode and the inclusion of an app companion. Will all this be true? We hope that if and, above all, we expect them to offer even more features apart from these. We will know everything at E3 this year.
Stay tuned to us if you want to know the latest news from Madden NFL 18!